Emirates Publication Association Invitation

Who we are:

Established on February 25, 2009, the Emirates Publishers Association is a public entity that serves the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by working to develop the UAE’s publishing industry.

The Association’s aim is to represent UAE publishers at regional and international events, exhibitions and seminars on publishing. The Association also works to disseminate the UAE’s intellectual output throughout the Arab world and worldwide. The Association also works to improve the publishing industry in the UAE by training and supporting UAE publishers, and by improving publishing-related conditions and laws.

The Association cooperates with local publishing, printing, and distribution houses and is working to establish a distribution company for its member publishers. The Association is especially focused on translations from and into Arabic, and the protection of intellectual property rights and other related rights.

The Association is a member of the Arab Publishers Association and an affiliate member of the International Publishers Association (IPA). www.epa.org.ae

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