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 :  Abu Dhabi


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 :  01/12/2008


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Al Qasimi Publications Al Qasimi Publication is a Publishing House specialized in the publication and distribution of the books and compositions of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member, Ruler of Sharjah. It comprehends 230 titles in many languages (18), varied among literary and historical matters, novels and autobiographies, after the excessive attention in its issuances due to the expansive existence at the local, Arab and international book Exhibitions.

List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
Power Struggles and Trade in the Gulf (1620-1820)Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-02-426-22016
Al Qwasim and the British Aggression (1797-1820)Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-16-877-52012
Under The Flag Of OccupationDr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-22-553-92015
Tale of A City - Volume 1Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-18-878-02015
Tale of A City Volume 2Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-419-91-42017
My Early LifeDr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-16-851-52012
Taking the Reins, The critical Years 1971-1977Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-15-914-82012
The Consolidation Years 1979-1987Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-16-571-22012
Culture, Education and Change 1987-2004Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-16-970-32013
Hasad Al SinneenDr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-16-332-02011
Sharjah Air Station between East and WestDr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-16-621-42012
Kinship IndexDr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-16-852-22012
The Genesis of The Scout Movement in SharjahDr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-469-13-12012
The correspondence of Sultan Barghash, the Sultan of Zanzibar, some are in his handwriting (1296 AH, 1878 AD)Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-35-447-52020
The Correspondence of Sultans of ZanzibarDr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-16-385-52012
Muscat and other Forts on the Shoreline of the Gulf of OmanDr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-20-287-52013
Division of the Omani Empire (1856-1862)Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-15-821-92012
Omani-French Relations (1715-1905)Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-444-44-22011
Arab Omani Documents in the French Archives CenterDr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-15-605-52010
John Malcolm and the British Commercial Base in the Gulf (1800) Publishing Year 1994Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-16-931-42014
The Journals of David Seton in the Gulf (1800-1809)Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-15-606-22011
The Rule of Qaraqosh…Investigation of history’s judgementsDr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-36-952-32019
Philip the Arab, Marcus Julius PhillipsDr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-994-836-039-12019
Zenobia, Queen of PalmyraDr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-201-3592013
A Momentous JourneyDr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-23-180-62017
I CondemnDr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-23-970-32017
Deep- Seated MaliceDr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-406-33-82004
A Memorandum for Historians on the innocence of Ibn MajidDr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-469-01-82000
Letters of Somali Leaders to Shaikh Sultan Bin Saqer Al Qasimi 1837Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-15-603-12010
His Highness speeches - part 1Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-37-047-52019
His Highness speeches - part 2Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-37-045-12019
His Highness speeches - part 3Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-37-087-12019
His Highness speeches - part 4Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-37-040-62019
His Highness speeches - part 5Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-37-041-32019
His Highness speeches - part 6Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-37-042-02019
His Highness speeches - part 7Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-37-043-72019
His Highness speeches - part 8Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-469-15-52021
His Highness speeches - part 9Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-469-148-52021
His Highness speeches - part 10Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-37-044-42021
His Highness speeches - Full CollectionDr. Sultan Al Qasimi978-9948-46-918-62019


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