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Publisher Name

 :  Ajyaal FZC-LLC


 :  Abu Dhabi


 :  971507103100


 :  taha@ajyaal.com


 :  https://ajyaal.com

Date of Establishment

 :  27/05/2021


 :  Childrens books,Teaching Aids

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For parents who want to foster a love of reading in Arabic in their children, Ajyaal publishes the essential children's books needed from birth for their cognitive development. Unlike other Arabic children’s books, Ajyaal’s books are not only distinguished by their engaging topics, attractive illustrations, and high-quality production, but are also known for supporting quality education initiatives (one of the United Nations sustainable development goals). Ajyaal allocates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the books to support children’s education and improve the conditions of their learning environments around the world. While also taking , a step towards a better, more sustainable future for all human beings. For this purpose, Ajyaal seeks to be the first choice in every home to attract as many new young readers.

List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
Hamdoon back to LondonAbdulla Alsharhan978-9948-04-160-32022
Alphabet worldAbdulla Alsharhan978-9948-04-190-02022


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