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 :  Al Hudhud Publishing and Distribution


 :  Abu Dhabi


 :  +971 4 2952929


 :  info@hudhuduae.com


 :  http://www.hudhuduae.com

Date of Establishment

 :  01/01/2019


 :  Childrens books,Bookshop,e-Book,Audio books,Teachi

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Established in Dubai in 2011, Al Hudhud Publishing and Distribution quickly reached the ranks of the most promising publishing houses in the United Arab Emirates, and through its on-going quest to build an illustrious reputation and establish itself in the local and Arab publishing industry, its name became synonymous with the spread of creativity and modernistic knowledge that seeks to keep pace with the country’s renaissance.

Hudhud Publishing attaches great importance to books geared towards children and young adults;a field that has yet to mature within the Arabic language but nevertheless has a positive impact on the younger Arab generation through helping them discover their surroundings and developing their comprehension and concentration.

At Hudhud we first and foremost seek to contribute to the advancement of the culture of the society and the development of its talents and capacities, and pursue to honor knowledge and spread culture. But more than anything else, we aim to encourage young talents and help them climb the ladder of creativity, while also trying to plant the seeds that would blossom into a passion for knowledge, a love for reading and a commitment to the realms of literature, art and culture.

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