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 :  Al Riyada Publishing & Printing


 :  Dubai


 :  0567962863


 :  alreeyada.publish@yahoo.com


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Date of Establishment

 :  18/05/2017


 :  General,كتب أطفال,روايات,كتب اسلامية

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Al-Riyada Publishing and Printing was established in 2017, and it is one of the leading publishing and distribution companies working to spread cultural awareness in the UAE and the Arab world while providing everything that is interesting to the reader, and seeking to attract non-readers to this useful hobby in the hope that the book will become in the hands of all Arab citizen.

List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
The World of the UnknownOsha Bin Thani-Shamma Al Mansoori- Maysoon AlMarri978-9948-37-992-82020
DenialNahed Tag Eldeen978-9948-37-741-22020
Discover your spiritual potentialGamal Shosha978-9948-37-559-32019
Rabbit landGhada Hassan Hussein978-9948-38-307-92019
A counseling program to reduce the psychological stress of mothers of children with learning difficultiesRabab daughter of Dawood Al-Ajamiah978-9948-38-303-12019
Berry treeGhada Hassan Hussein978-9948-38-302-42019
A pen lost between the linesLynn Allan978-994-837-992-82020
Messages of the ProphetMohamed Shamah978-977-368-768-72020
So the prophet has taught me 978-977-368-683-32020
In the footsteps of the marchRamla Ali Al Lawati978-994-837-992-82020
Industrial marketingHazem Al-Serafy978-977-6759-23-72020
Healthy MarketingHazem Al-Serafy978-977-6759-24-42020
People MarketingHazem Al-Serafy978-977-6759-21-32020
Marketing ideasHazem Al-Serafy978-977-6759-20-62020
Maritime marketingHazem Al-Serafy978-977-6759-28-22020
International marketingHazem Al-Serafy978-977-6759-29-92020
Real Estate MarketingHazem Al-Serafy978-977-6759-45-92020
Bank MarketingHazem Al-Serafy978-977-6759-22-02020
Muhammad the Prophet and the messageNazmy Loka - Mahgoub Mousa978-9948-37-742-92019
BOHERAT ARBIAمصطفي غنيم97899483534472020
time managementGhada Hassan Hussein978-9948-35-745-22020
Plan aheadGhada Hassan Hussein978-9948-38-306-22020
Managing difference in viewsGhada Hassan Hussein978-9948-38-305-52020
Managing relationships with othersGhada Hassan Hussein978-9948-35-137-52020
Corona talks about itself "I am Corona"Somaya Sayed Seddik978-977-6759-79-42021
Sultan''s Journey with Karak TeaSarah Abdel Hadi978-9948-35-778-02021
My big book .. MediaShaima Khamis97897736897592021
My big book .. JobsShaima Khamis97897736898412021
My big book .. FlowersShaima Khamis97897736898032021
My big book .. FoodsShaima Khamis97897736897662021
My big book .. fruitsShaima Khamis97897736897662021
My big book .. Stay healthy 97897736898102021
My big book .. farmShaima Khamis97897736897972021
My big book .. transportsShaima Khamis97897736898652019
My big book .. SportsShaima Khamis97897736897802019
My big book .. my schoolShaima Khamis97897736898342019
My big book .. musical instrumentsShaima Khamis97897736897732019
My big book .. Means of communicationShaima Khamis97897736898582019
Let''s play sports (football)Mohammed Shehata978-9948-8640-1-12021
Let''s play sports (handball)Mohammed Shehata978-9948-8640-6-62021


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