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 :  Alrokh Publishing & Distributions FZC


 :  Abu Dhabi


 :  0504841551


 :  Al.rokh.est@gmail.com


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 :  28/09/2021


 :  General

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Al-Rokh establishments Al-Rokh is one of the United Arab Emirates establishments specialized in the publication, distribution of books, the organization of exhibitions and conferences, and the provision of information, advertising, design and production services. Al-Rokh is characterized by the diversity of its services, the richness of their expertise and the quality of their dealing, through a team of writers, public relations specialists, art, information and design experts, marketing and business consultants. Al-Rokh provides its services of knowledge and work sought by each service, company or individual with the aim of reaching out to the public with new creative thinking, following the slogan "Excellence First" through its vast experience and positive echoes that live up to the expectations of clients from different sectors. Our vision: "The Rokh" seeks to serve as a reliable reference in reflecting the true meaning of the work of public relations and media services in its deeply modern sense, as well as to become a center of science and knowledge at the local and global levels. Our message: Providing outstanding services that meet clients expectations in various areas. Our objectives: - Keeping pace with the UAE's renaissance by providing high quality services in accordance with the latest international standards and achieving "The United Arab Emirates Centennial 2071 ". - Contributing actively to the development of the content industry and opening of a welcome horizon for Arab and global United Arab Emirates culture. -Provision of high-quality and professional information and technical services to both government and private sectors. -Creating diverse partnerships with local, Arab and global markets in the fields of culture and information. Our services: - Printing, publishing and distribution: At Al-Rokh establishment, we are working on the production of outstanding literature on various fields; studies, translations, novels, poetry and plays, in order to contribute to the creation of valuable literature in the Arab Library that will contribute to the creation of a better future for the United Arab Emirates and the Arab world. Organization of conferences: Al-Rokh works with great professionalism in the management and organization of exhibitions, conferences and events, using a new and unique approach to the management of events in the United Arab Emirates and abroad. Public relations: At Al Rokh establishment, we commit to invest our expertise in the success of public relations campaigns and effective communication strategies that meet the requirements of elite public and private clients. Media: Our team focuses on building strong relationships with local and global media, in order to ensure wide media coverage of news, interviews, events, conferences and the delivery of key messages to a wide range of target audiences. Digital marketing: We focus on formulating and publication innovative and influential messages across social networks, digital platforms and search engines, to promote direct and effective communication with target audiences, partners, customers and consumers. Design and output: Our team adopts approaches to developing effective strategies and rich content, to ensure that key messages are delivered to the target audience in an interactive manner, using creative tools such as graphic design, videos, etc. Social responsibility: We commit ourselves to assist our clients in developing community-based initiatives that will enhance their effective communication with partners, stakeholders and society, which will have a positive impact on ensuring the continued growth, prosperity and sustainability of their businesses.

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