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 :  Austin Macauley Publishers FZE


 :  Sharjah


 :  +971 655 95 202


 :  mail@austinmacauley.ae


 :  https://austinmacauley.ae/

Date of Establishment

 :  01/01/2019


 :  General,Childrens books,Novels,Law Books,Islamic b

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Austin Macauley Publishers, founded in London (2006), quickly surfaced as one of the most promising publishers in the UK, trusting on both hard work and smart work to give authors the best chance of success in a progressively competitive market. The success of the modern-era publishing house carried over to the United States and United Arab Emirates as new branches opened up in New York City and Sharjah. Austin Macauley Publishers is known for its high-quality books publishing services courtesy of fully loaded departments with multiple skill set. In just a little over a decade, we have successfully made an impression in the local and international publishing industry as a trustworthy and reliable book publisher.

List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
Lost In The EchoFayrouz Khaled97899484522492021
The Devil Also Knows the TruthAmro Algendy97899482508142020
Hearts Fell ApartAhmed Saeed97899483556942020
Rose MarieBadriah Al-Ahmad97899483903982019
HeptagramA. A. Jihini97899483744352019
Queen of MysteryDuha Amin97899483473542020
Understand, and You Will Be HappyAzzah Bayoumi97899483542392020
Significant AmbiguitiesFayza Mohammed Alsubhi97899484520962021
Ethar’s PoetryEthar Alyamama97899483664302019
Real IllusionsAmin Alsati97899483742442019
Blossoming KindnessYasmine Hammad97899483562022020
Divine DecreeZ.A Soliman97899483470882020
Zeina in City CentreRania Nimr Eitah97899482563592021
Ashes of a Lost CountryGhassoub Sharif Mustafa9789948373384 
Choosing LoveLana Murad Bataineh9789948452225 
Glimpse of JordanDanah Tuffaha, Hanan Al-Amad, Nedaa Elias9789948251828 
On LossRazan H. Abdul Majeed9789948366478 
The Fall QueenOmar Malkawi9789948345893 
The Four Levels of HR ExcellenceAdi Mazen Adi9789948452478 
Why?Khaled Hazem Nusseibeh9789948347781 
The Cultural Thought in the United Arab EmiratesHazem Hasan Al Arraj97899488441432021
Disasters Management: Planning, Response and RecoveryAzzam Ahmed,Saeed Nabil, Mohammad Ibrahim and Hadi Fathi Abu Habib, Abu Eita, Jouda and Khalil97899483569292020
Engineering Project Management Highlighted from Design to ExecutionEng. Abdullah Theeb Qandil97899483543142020
For the Bound HeartsTasneem Zeyad Abu Shawish97899483641152019
I Believed YouLaila Bashar Al-Kloub97899483744112019
Part of the WorldNada Ayman Albahloul97899483667062019
Philosophy of ExcellenceDr. Abdullah Attoun97899483667372019
In Love with DraculaNadine Jameel Omar97899483902822019


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