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 :  Batana Printing & Publishing Company


 :  Yacoubian Building, 34 Talaat Harb Street Cairo, Egypt


 :  +20 2 25749570


 :  atif@fditc.net


 :  http://www.battana.org/

Date of Establishment

 :  01/01/2019



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List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
Haikal…... The Last CommandmentsAnwar Abdullatif978-977-6233-30-02017
Divine TanazulatSalah al-Din Tijani978-977-6233-20-12017
The Fragrance of NightAmmar Ali Hasan978-977-6233-12-62016
Why Do Writers Die Because of HeartbreakShaaban Yousef978-977-6233-09-62016
Youssef Idris's VictimsShaaban Yousef978-977-6233-32-42017
The Legend of the palace and DesertMohammed al Sayid Salih Salama978-977-6233-31-72017
With You for Better and WorseMu'min Al Mohammadi978-977-6233-17-12017
All Sentiments: Tales of 100 SongsMu'min Al Mohammadi978-977-85249182015
Nights of Quraish before Da‘wah Mu'min Al Mohammadi978-977-85249-3-22015
Nights of Quraish before the Prophet's BirthMu'min Al Mohammadi978-977-751-128-52015
Mohammadi's TalesMu'min Al Mohammadi978-977-751-103-22015
The Booth of OncologySaid Nuh978-977-6233-0-722017
Green ShoemakerGhada Al-Absi978-977-6233-11-92017
The Night Door (5th Edition)Wahid Al Tawila978-977-85249-8-72016
Sitting on the Balcony Waiting for ZainabNuha Mahmoud978-977-6233-14-02017
The sky is a about to ………Izzat al-Qamhawi978-977-85249-2-52015
Water SplendorMohammed Rafi978-977-6233-33-12017
Asafra before meMukhtar Saad Shahata978-977-6233-19-52017
kinIzza Kamal978-977-6233-28-72017
Thirsty eyesJamal Hassan978-977-6233-29-42017
Culture, identity and Arab ConsciousnessDr. Mahmoud Al-Dabi'978-977-85249-9-42016
Women of Upper Egypt and their RevelationSalma Anwar Abdul Fattah978-977-6233-15-72017
Dear ScribblesSamia Abu Zaid978-977-85249-5-62016
Just as it Happens in CinemaAzza Sultan978-977-6233-03-42017
Tree, Homeland, ReligionWalid Alaa Al Din978-977-6233-02-72017
Faces and cornersAli Abu Shadi978-977-6233-04-12016
Techniques of Narration in the Oral and Written Accounts (Hilaly Biography and the Narative of Killing Pastures )Sayid Daif Allah978-977-6233-16-42017
Residents of the Shark IslandHamdi Alnurj978-977-6233-05-82016
No Rose for WarAmal Jamal978-977-6233-27-02017
A Bird lying on the SkyAbduh Al-Zaraa978-977-6233-24-92017
Talaat Harb SquareUsama Al Haddad978-977-6233-23-22017
A Space for SinMu'min Samir978-977-6233-21-82017
The Penguin in a hot summerFakhri Rattrut978-977-6233-22-52017
Sand TramMaisara Salah Al Din978-977-6233-01-02017
The ClownNaim Sabri978-977-6233-13-32017
Hafiz Bitaa Al Rubabekia (second edition)Naim Sabri978-977-6233-06-52016
White PigeonSubhi Musa978-977-6233-10-22016
Lion of the Caucasus (second edition)Munir Utaiba978-977-85249-4-92015
Facebook: Issues and problemsMuhamad Sayid Rayan978-977-85249-7-02016
Ms. KafAtif Ubaid978-977-751-114-82015


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