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 :  Beacon of science


 :  Dubai, Deira, Al Qusais Second


 :  042628228


 :  manart.el3eelm@gmail.com



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 :  01/01/2019



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List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
One Thousand and One Medical MythMuawia Anwar Al - Alawi978-9948-10-339-42017
Be Formula 1Ali Abdullah Ali Al Naqbi978-9948-23-193-62017
Until Life Smile to YouIssam Karam978-9948-23-541-52017
Humanistic PrinciplesIssam Karam978-9948-23-543-92017
Happiness VitaminMohammed Mahran978-9948-23-308-42017
On the Thresholds of a Dark CityMohammed bin Ahmad978-9948-23-555-22017
My Name Is JosephAfra Sulaiman978-9948-23-585-92017
Khufnak KuhustUsama Al Umri978-9948-23-685-62017
PhialsSherine Talaat978-9948-23-984-02017
On the Memory BanksSalim Al Umari978-9948-23-554-52017
Your Shoulder Was FragileSarah Al-Jarfin978-9948-23-553-82017
The Secrets of My Small RoomAl Wissam Bint Abdullah978-9948-10-075-12017
I See the StarsLilian Muradi978-994-849-570-32017
Who Ruined Our Sand Castle?Lilian Muradi978-994-849-565-92017
Let's Play Hide And SeekLilian Muradi978-994-849-562-82017
Angry OctopusLilian Muradi978-994-849-545-12017
Why Am I So BigLilian Muradi978-994-849-563-52017
Who I AmLilian Muradi978-994-849-564-22017
Lazy Crab Lilian Muradi978-994-849-553-62017
It's My BirthdayLilian Muradi978-994-849-569-72017
Brave JellyfishLilian Muradi978-994-849-567-32017
Grim FishLilian Muradi978-994-849-554-32017
Thunder And LighteningNajla Shawky978-994-849-550-52017
Evolution Of AircraftNajla Shawky978-994-849-555-02017
Earth And OzoneNajla Shawky978-994-849-544-42017
Sun And PlanetsNajla Shawky978-994-849-559-82017
Environment BalanceNajla Shawky978-994-849-557-42017
Fish's Wonders Sharif Shawky978-994-849-558-12017
Birds' WorldSharif Shawky978-994-849-556-72017
Coral ReefsSharif Shawky978-994-849-560-42017
Flowers and PlantsSharif Shawky978-994-849-551-22017
Five SensesSharif Shawky978-994-849-548-22017
AirTranslation Section978-9948-495-71-02017
Power And MotionTranslation Section978-9948-495-77-22017
Future World Translation Section978-9948-495-68-02017
LightTranslation Section978-9948-495-79-62017
LiquidsTranslation Section978-9948-495-61-12017
SolidsTranslation Section978-9948-495-73-42017
CellsTranslation Section978-9948-495-52-92017
ElectricityTranslation Section978-9948-495-76-52017


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