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 :  Dar Al Qalam Publishing & Distribution


 :  Dubai


 :  +971 4 3930430 - +971 6 7430170


 :  dar_alkalam@yahoo.com


 :  http://daralkalam.com/index/ar

Date of Establishment

 :  18/01/1976


 :  General,Childrens books,Novels,Law Books,Islamic b

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It is Estabished in 1976 by the hands of Fouad Ali Younis and becames one of the most important one ameny Gulf countries and all over the Arabnations.

List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
A life in color changed your life because it deserves a changeBasma Hussein Al-Sarraj97899484208662012
Life''s secretAkram and Darin, presenting Dr. Abdullah Omar Nassif97860301117562013
How do I enjoy a positive life?Abeer Hassan holidays97899480380582017
Hope splash envy Jack WeinerAmal Al-Awadi97899484209722012
The 40 most important needs of the childHoda Abdel Salam97899483489792020
Mothers of the GreatFatima Yaqoub Khoja97899483699052020
The Illustrated Character DictionaryHouse Preparation Committee97899488543192013
School activities brochurePrepared by: Al-Hariri''s Ark97899483479342020
Childhood and faith first levelHouse Preparation Committee97899483494332020
Childhood and Faith Second LevelHouse Preparation Committee97899483494402020
My fun activities Fun exercises and activities for kindergartenMason Jamil Al-Sakka97899482456502018
Home workbookPrepared by: Al-Hariri''s Ark97899488543332018
the four SeasonsWritten and translated by Anisa Angkor97899482054322014
I love my sisterWritten and translated by Anisa Angkor97899482054322014
I love you dadWritten and translated by Anisa Angkor97899482054322014
I love you mamaWritten and translated by Anisa Angkor97899482054322014
rabbitWritten and translated by Anisa Angkor97899482054322014
I seeWritten and translated by Anisa Angkor97899482054322014
I am MeeraWritten and translated by Anisa Angkor97899482054322014
My cat is a tigerWritten and translated by Anisa Angkor97899482054322014
How much do you see? what do you see?Written and translated by Anisa Angkor97899482054322014
Baby bananaWritten and translated by Anisa Angkor97899482054322014
Do you see me do you know me?Written and translated by Anisa Angkor97899482054322014
Ahmed and the iPadShaima Al-Marzouki97899488543642015
Names and the bear fufuShaima Al-Marzouki97899488543642015
Where did I put my things?Shaima Al-Marzouki97899488543642015
Beloved grandmotherShaima Al-Marzouki97899488543642015
How much I love my fatherShaima Al-Marzouki97899488543642015
what should I doShaima Al-Marzouki97899488543642015
Who is she?Shaima Al-Marzouki97899488543642015
Classroom exercisesPrepared by: Yasmine El Hatti97899482492832020
My Fun Letters Part One and TwoDr. Jalal oday97899481005392019
My interesting letters first levelMohammed Abdullah97899481005392018
Yarn letters 1/2Dr. Jalal oday97899483464322020
Bodino is a curious dinosaurTranslated by Faraj Al Dhafiri97899483851102019
Bodino at the Fruit FestivalTranslated by Faraj Al Dhafiri97899483851032019
Bodino on a strollTranslated by Faraj Al Dhafiri97899483859502019
Bodino eats healthy foodTranslated by Faraj Al Dhafiri97899483859362019
Bodino is looking for treasureTranslated by Faraj Al Dhafiri97899483859742019
Bodino learns numbersTranslated by Faraj Al Dhafiri97899483850802019


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