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 :  Dar Al Saif Publishing


 :  Sharjah, Kalba


 :  0503693265


 :  s.s.almazrouei@outlook.com



Date of Establishment

 :  01/01/2019



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List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
Khan is in my heartSheikh Al-Juwaid978-9948-23-629-02017
A boat of certaintyIssam Karam Al-Toukhi978-9948-23-937-62018
Breezes of goodness and happinessIssam Karam Al-Toukhi978-9948-23-937-62018
So you don''t regret itIssam Karam Al-Toukhi978-9948-23-937-62019
My things that I forgotNasser Bakr Al Zaabi978-9948-24-733-32018
I will give you my lifeButhaina Ahmed Sharif978-9948-24-731-92018
Insights in Experimental TheaterGhazi Mukhtar Tulaimat978-9948-39-670-32018
The Prophet''s initiatives in tolerance and spreading peaceMuhammad Mahran Mustafa978-9948-23-720-42018
The Prophet’s initiatives in spreading happiness and positivityMuhammad Mahran Mustafa978-9948-41-954-92018
Stories of an Emirati scholarship in the United KingdomMaryam Saeed Al-Tunaiji978-9948-36-929-52019
Cloud drawingAhmed Farraj Al-Ajmi978-9948-38-384-02019
Shadows on the Emirates beachAhmed Farraj Al-Ajmi978-9948-38-383-32019


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