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 :  Dar Rabie Publishing


 :  Dubai - United Arab Emirates Deira - Alkhabaisi Behind Hyndai showroom DBC building - Office #G03


 :  +971-4-3994411


 :  darrabie@rabie-pub.com


 :  http://www.rabie-pub.com

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Dar Rabie Publishing was always interested in Arab originality and human values to transfer those values to our young Arab generations, hence our motto: "Our children's education comes first".

The company collaborated with pedagogical, cultural and art specialists and established a complete establishment featuring the latest printing and binding equipment and state-of-the-art production technology.

Based on its firm belief that psych beauty is only realized in the world of childhood, it has accompanied time with the child's journey ever since its birth, and pursued his growth and needs by presenting a variety of collections and series in order to acquaint and introduce him to life and the surroundings thru simplified brightly illustrated stories which would attract the child's attention and concentration.

The company has continued its care to develop the comprehension of the child by issuing an educational series called "Children's Kindergartens Series" backed up by distinguished comprehensive aids and simple toys aiming at expanding the child's senses and judgment.

Moreover, the company also paid paramount attention to the aesthetic aspect of the child by focusing on building his perception thru educational stories directing him towards moral values and the beauty of life and nature. It also strengthened his religious principles thru its publishings that enrich his religious instinct.

The company carries on its march with the youngsters by providing each age group with stories, which would enhance their inherent Arab morals. Dar Rabie Publishing, incarnating knowledge, education, intellectual and cultural development, ethical orientation, moral values, and human principles, addresses children's innocence, mothers' hearts, and fathers' minds.It welcomes all its customers and children.

List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
365 Bedtime StoriesDar Rabie 99331626832016
Grandfather Stories - 365 storiesDar Rabie 99331626912016
365 StoriesDar Rabie 99331619702016
Eternal Tales Dar Rabie 99331619892016
Grimm's World Masterpieces seriesDar Rabie 99331627052016
Anderson World Masterpieces seriesDar Rabie 99331627132016
Perrault's World Masterpieces series booksDar Rabie 99331627212016
90 Bedtime StoriesKanina Diab99331648722016
Every Day Tale Nimat Karim Kalas99331652752016
Universal stories Rim Al Saqa99331652402016
Now I Can ReadMaysun Juha99331652592016
15 Stories about AnimalsSalim Bitar99331652672016
Prophets' Stories Mohammed Tahir Buni9933620042016
Biography of the Prophet MohammadMohammed Tahir Buni99331619972016
Stories of Arabic proverbsAhmad Ubaid Al Das99331607022016
Stories about Honesty and AltruismAhmad Ubaid Al Das9933167102016
Storie about Honesty and PatienceAhmad Ubaid Al Das99331607292016
Stories about Courage and FaithAhmad Ubaid Al Das99331607372016
Animal Stories in the QuranAbdul Muni'm Hashimi99331619542016
Islamic Battles - YamamaAbdul Muni'm Hashimi 993316497X2016
Islamic Battles - QadisiyahAbdul Muni'm Hashimi99331649882016
Islamic Battles - YarmoukAbdul Muni'm Hashimi99331649962016
Islamic Battles - BabilionAbdul Muni'm Hashimi99331650032016
Islamic Battles - NahawandAbdul Muni'm Hashimi99331650112016
Islamic Battles - Battle of the MastsAbdul Muni'm Hashimi 993316502X2016
Islamic Battles - conquest of Hispania Abdul Muni'm Hashimi99331650382016
Islamic battles-AmoriumAbdul Muni'm Hashimi99331650462016
International Figurs - Galili GalileoAbdul Muni'm Hashimi99331650542016
International Figurs - Isaac NewtonAbdul Muni'm Hashimi99331650622016
International Figurs - Louis PasteurAbdul Muni'm Hashimi99331650702016
International Figurs - Alfred NobelAbdul Muni'm Hashimi99331650892016
International Figurs - Thomas EdisonAbdul Muni'm Hashimi99331650972016
International Figurs - Marie CurieAbdul Muni'm Hashimi99331651002016
International Figurs - Mahatma GandhiAbdul Muni'm Hashimi99331651192016
International Figurs - Albert SchweitzerAbdul Muni'm Hashimi99331651272016
Annie Finds a Small PonyOsh Lon99331649372016
Bonnie Hertz Facing Danger Osh Lon99331649452016
Bonnie Hertz and the Big TournamentOsh Lon99331649532016
Bonnie Hertz - The Princess HorseOsh Lon99331649612016
Leadership Books - Yes to WillJason Ben99480253772016


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