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Publisher Name

 :  Kutub Jeem FZE


 :  Abu Dhabi


 :  567742544


 :  gihanfaisal@gmail.com


 :  www.kutubjeem.com

Date of Establishment

 :  03/01/2023


 :  Childrens books,e-Book

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My name is Gihan Faisal. I have published 11 books with different publishing houses from Egypt and Lebanon. I have won several awards in the field of writing for children, including the first place in playwriting for children in 2015 from the Arab Theater Festival, the Kuwait session, which was held in 2016. Therefore, I established the Kutub Jeem House, that aims to publish engaging, fun-filled books for children and young readers or middle school readers. I have a collection of stories and novels for middle readers that I printed and aspire to print more soon, believing in the need to urge our children to read and read, and to motivate middle school readers to continue the love of reading by writing novels that touch their reality and discuss life problems that they live and see themselves in.

List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
My dinausor friendGihan Faisal9948-790-89 -12023
A dog yes, A dog NOGihan Faisal978-9948-793-44 -12023
All the beautifu things I will beGihan Faisal978-9948-792-44 -42023
Hanaa the explorerHana Mahdy978-9948-791-93 -52023


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