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 :  Nour Publishing


 :  Sharjah


 :  +971552351986


 :  nour.arab@nourpublishing.com


 :  https://www.nourpublishing.com

Date of Establishment

 :  01/01/2018


 :  Childrens books

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Nour Publishing Nour Publishing was founded in January 2018 and based in Sharjah Book Authority (SBA) in Sharjah Publishing City (SPC). We are: A member of Emirates Publishers Association (EPA) A member of Arab Children’s Book Publisher Forum Nour Publishing is a free zone establishment incorporated with limited liability under & in accordance with the regulations of Sharjah Publishing Authority, UAE, with trade license number 300105. We print and publish innovative children books in both Arabic and English. The founder and owner of Nour Publishing is Nour Arab, a Palestinian Canadian writer. Nour Publishing has printed and published creative children stories for distinguished writers: https://www.gulftoday.ae/news/2019/05/02/highlighting-kids-love-for-animals And contributed in many book fairs in the Arab world: http://wam.ae/ar/details/1395302742598 OUR MISSION To publish distinctive inspiring books that fulfill the hearts, entertain the souls, educate the minds and promote emotional growth! So, you wonder... what makes our books distinctive? Linguistic Accuracy Before any of our books is brought out to the light, their texts are edited and proofread by experts in the field. Our bilingual books are not simply translated into a second language, they are rewritten in the mother tongue voice of the second language (L2) taking into consideration pragmatic equivalence. Motherhood & Storytelling Our stories are interwoven with genuine emotions that can rock kids to sleep in the most delicate form of sweetness. When “stories are made with love”, they become treasures not only to their beholders, but to the world in all. Many of our stories are interwoven with genuine emotions coming straight out of a loving mother’s hearts. The more your read @nourbooks, the more you’ll find out about the treasures of our tales and beautiful heartfelt simplicity of the text! Stories “We Make” Make Learning Fun! In Nour Publishing, we found it crucial to develop a fun and flexible modern learning atmosphere that could be integrated in children’s language learning through creatively published children stories. To make this achievable and serve the needs of 2020 learning challenges, we launched Nour Creative Academy! Our Vision To become a leading publishing establishment of creative bilingual books that serve the needs of the modern community and have a lasting effect on our children. Translanguaging In Nour Publishing, we value translanguaging strategy to develop simultaneous biliteracy and strengthen the home language and target language of our kids at one and the same time. Cultural Bridging & Sharing Knowledge We care that our kids acquire cross-cultural competence and cultural appreciation, so through our stories we expose them to readings that “include elements that assist the development of a healthy sense of identity”. Our Values Nourishment, Originality, Unique thinking & Reliability are values you can trust to be surrounded with when you are in NOUR publishing! Nourishment: Making children stories is a process “made with love”. Once you decide to publish with us your creative text, you’re one step away from a beautifully published story coming out to light! Originality: Our stories are made with beautiful art, love and harmony in between! Each of our stories is simply a “treasure in a tale!” Nour Publishing has printed and published creative children stories for distinguished writers interwoven with genuine emotions: https://www.gulftoday.ae/news/2019/05/02/highlighting-kids-love-for-animals Unique thinking & creativity: Bringing a book into life has never been so unique! In Nour Publishing, children stories can enter every kid’s home! Our books are not only read. Many of them are brought out into life in the form of digital/ audio books with effects and sound! Reliability: You can rely on us on bringing out in the most beautiful form and showcase it to the world. We annually contribute in Sharjah International Book Fair, Sharjah Children Reading Festival, and Publisher’s conference. We also organize creative reading workshops for children in cooperation with Sharjah Public Library, Dubai Culture, and United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education. Nour Publishing website: www.nourpublishing.com Follow us on social media: Instagram/ Facebook/ Twitter/ YouTube @nourbooks

List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
Naya Click, Clack!Nour Arab978-9948-24-460-82019
Naya in the KitchenNour Arab978-9948-24-387-82019
Naya Peekaboo!Nour Arab978-9948-24-386-12019
Naya Let’s Go!Nour Arab978-9948-24-385-42019
Naya’s Doll “Baby”Nour Arab978-9948-24-384-72019
Princess NayaNour Arab978-9948-24-383-02019
Naya Goes to SchoolNour Arab978-9948-36-853-32019
Naya''s DreamsNour Arab978-9948-34-209-02020
Naya''s Sick DollieNour Arab978-9948-35-956-2 2020
Samsoom and Naya in the AirplaneNour Arab978-9948-36-849-6 2019
Samsoom Loves Mommy in All the SeasonsNour Arab978-9948-37-173-12019
Samsoom Loves to Take a BathNour Arab978-9948-37-016-12020
Samsoom Loves the Sleepy MoonNour Arab978-9948-37-017-82020
Samsoom Loves VeggiesNour Arab978-9948-37-015-4 2020
Samsoom Loves the BirdsNour Arab978-9948-37-014-72020
Samsoom Loves Mommy’s GiftNour Arab978-9948-37-013-02020
Ramadan is LoveNour Arab 978-9948-35-677-62020
Friends ForeverNour Arab978-9948-35-961-62020
Fahood A Real Hero!Nour Arab978-9948-34-338-7 2020
Ammar the King of PotterySamar Najah978-9948-25-148-42020
The Secret of the Three BottlesFaeda Sabha978-9948-37-091-82019
The Mysterious GianFaeda Sabha978-9948-37-724-52019
I Want to MigrateFaeda Sabha978-9948-37-172-42019
The Last PuzzleFaeda Sabha978-9948-37-725-2 2019
Laila and the UmbrellaHadil Al Nashif978-9948-36-850-2 2019
Girls'' CheeksKhadeeja Khammas978-9948-39-590-42019
Naughty SaloomHiba Altuniji978-9948-25-104-02020
My Journey with the DragonDahi Alkaabi978-9948-25-483-6 
Dahi and the PiratesDahi Alkaabi978-9948-8716-2-02021
Sabir''s ParadiseDr. Amal Alaboud978-9948-25-551-22020
May Allah Gift YouAmira Yassin978-9948-37-173-12020
Old times with GihaneJihan Jala978-9948-37-726-9 2019
The Cloud of ForgivenessAbdullah Aldhaheri978-9948-36-470-22019
Star HunterRana Shereef978-9948-35-044-6 2019
Why Did My Nanny Amina Go?Fatima Alelli978-9948-34-226-7 2020
My Friend the Blue SharkAhmad Said Alhudouri978-9948-8716-4-42021
A Flower for MommyNour Arab978-9948-8716-6-82021
Yes Happy I AmMaryam Alkaissy 978-9948-38-778-72019
My Little NurseShaikha Alzahmi978-9948-8716-8-22021
A Letter from My Brother 978-9948-828-09 -92021


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