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 :  R6 Solutions FZC


 :  الشارقة


 :  00971526607736


 :  a.rashad@r6stores.com


 :  www.r6stores.com

Date of Establishment

 :  29/11/2022


 :  General,كتب أطفال,روايات,كتب الكترونية,كتب صوتية,ت

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R6 solutions is a newly established company in 2022 in Sharjah (U. A. E), And it is a part of the expansion of 3 other sister companies in Egypt which are: 1- AL Dar AL Masriah AL Lubnaniah - Cairo - Egypt 2- AL Masriah AL Lubnaniah Bookstore - Cairo - Egypt 3- Maktabet AL Dar AL Arabiah Lelkitab Cairo - Egypt All these companies are specialized in publishing, printing, exporting and importing different products from more than 40 years

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