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 :  Sadiqat Publishing and Distribution Books


 :  Abu Dhabi


 :  0529730017


 :  sadeeqati@gmail.com


 :  This member does not have a website.

Date of Establishment

 :  01/01/2019


 :  Childrens books

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List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
Mum and Dad Why We Do Not Live In One House?A. Fadil al-KaabiISBN978-9948-02-232-92016
Very UsefulDr.. Osama Al-LalaISBN978-9948-20-944-72014
The Lost PointSalha GabishISBN978-9948-02-190-22016
The Paper That Finally RejoicedSalha GabishISBN978-9948-20-943-02014
The Paper That I Finally RejoicedA. GabeshISBN978-9948-20-943-12014
The FriendsSalha GabishISBN9-188-02-9948-9782016
My Little Sister's Purpose Salha GabishISBN978-9948-22-699-42014
There Is a Hidden Voice in My Room Is Dr. Zakia Al-SarrafISBN978-9948-02-256-52016
CowboyIbrahim Mohammd MaghfuriISBN978-9948-23-224-72017
Pink And BlueSalha GabishISBN978-9948-466-66-62016
Hamda and The Collage TeamSalha GabishISBN978-9948-02-712-62016
Why Do We Read?Salha GabishISBN 978-9948-02-437-82016
I am Rashid, the EmaratiSalha GabishISBN 978-9948-02-710-22016
Songs With Pomegranate TasteRahaf Al-MubarakISBN 978-9948-02-257-22016
Girls TalkSalha GabishISBN 978-9948-15-901-82011
My Father Is A FishermanA. Fadil al-KaabiISBN978-9948-22-697-02014
Soft MealsA. Majed Hussein Al-SabbaghISBN978-9948-16-344-02011
Pink TalesSalha GabishISBN 978-9948-23-468-52013
Small To WriteMariam Al JabiriISBN978-9948-22-787-82014
Small To WriteAlia Al HammadiISBN978-9948-22-787-92014
Small To WriteKhawlah YaqubISBN978-9948-22-787-102014
Silence, Please Salha GabishISBN978-99-84-16-859-12013
Invitation CardSalha GabishISBN978-9948-22-699-42016
Juha and TheNailSalha GabishISBN978-9948-02-711-92016
Yoo Saves the ForestSai SarhanISBN978-9948-20-945-42014
Just break it!Salha GabishISBN978-9948-18-307-52015
Masarh Erases the two dotsSalha GabishISBN978-9948-18-306-82015
This WaySalha GabishISBN978-9948-02-230-52015
I Am ConfusedSalha GabishISBN978-9948-02-231-22016
My Grandmother,My LoveSalha GabishISBN978-9948-466-67-32015
Thank You DadSalha GabishISBN978-9948-02-709-62016
Goha and screwSalha ghabish9-711-02-9948-9782016
Please calm pSalha ghabish1-859-16-9948-9782018
In my room a hidden sound / kDr. Zakia Al-Sarraf978-9948-39-505-82018
In my room a hidden sound / pDr. Zakia Al-Sarraf978-9948-02-256-52016
Why do we readSajida Mousavi978-9948-02-437-82016
Tales to the door in the book fairFadel Al Kaabi978-9948-9994-0-92017
Why the black color disappearedOmnya albadi978-9948-23-225-42017
Good seed / pMuhannad Al-Aqous978-9948-39-193-72018
Nectar RosesSalha ghabish4-567-24-9948-9782018


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