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Publisher Name

 :  Smart Idea Bookshop


 :  Abu Dhabi - Musafah M 34 - B 8


 :  +971 2 666 7166, +971 56 195 6600


 :  smartt-ideaa@outlook.com



Date of Establishment

 :  01/01/2019



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List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
Smart HindNura Ali Nasib Al Blushi978-99482313702017
Book WarmNura Ali Nasib Al Blushi978-99482313632017
If it wasn't for My StickNura Ali Nasib Al Blushi978-99484279952017
Why they Say No?Nura Ali Nasib Al Blushi978-99482313872017
The Strong, the Trustworthy.Nura Ali Nasib Al Blushi978-99482313942017
When they Said, " we"Nura Ali Nasib Al Blushi978-99482314002017
Evil May be GoodNura Ali Nasib Al Blushi978-99482314172017
Vender of HopeNura Ali Nasib Al Blushi978-99482314242017
The Joy of WiningNura Ali Nasib Al Blushi978-99482355902017
Under ControlNura Ali Nasib Al Blushi978-99482355832017
Colour is not EnoughNura Ali Nasib Al Blushi978-99482356062017
At the Courtyard of the HouseNura Ali Nasib Al Blushi978-99482356132017
Training the Child to Use the BathroomMarwa Faruk Sayid Musa978-99482359102017
Tales and AnecdoteShahd Mohammed Abud Rabih978-99482362452017
A Special Plant for a Happy OccasionReda Balik Hurani978-99482322232017
Umm Al-Duwais and Abu DraihReda Balik Hurani978-99480268152016
Umm Al Saf Palm and Luffah Reda Balik Hurani978-99484976082016
Salim Wa Himrat Al-QailaReda Balik Hurani978-99480268222016


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