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 :  Souad Sleibi Publishing


 :  Dubai


 :  +971562812042


 :  fatima@souadsleibi.com


 :  This member does not have a website.

Date of Establishment

 :  26/05/2019


 :  روايات,تطوير ذات

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SOUAD SLEIBI PUBLISHING HOUSE Established in May 25 ,2019, and it is a member of the Emirates Publisher Association. The Publishing house belongs to the writer and novelist Souad Sleibi, who aimed in establishing her own Publishing house to deliver the word of knowledge to the largest number and to facilitate the access of books to reach their hands through launching the publishing house official website, so the readers can get the book of the writer souad sleibi and in any country through Globaly delivery. The Publishing house aims to participate in Arab and International cultural forums, in addition to the uniqueness, and upgrading the concept of book-making through a series of rehabilitation and training programs for the employees to raise the efficency.

List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
nosf al maraahsouad sleibi978-99906-987-5-62007
ibra khayet rajolsouad sleibi978-99966-0-439-32014
sa ouatiboka fi lleilsouad sleibi978-9948-36-025-42018
khoz min shafatie ibnasouad sleibi978-9948-96-026-12019
nidalsouad sleibi97899966-0-057-92010


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