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 :  Thaqafa Publishing and Distribution


 :  Abu Dhabi, Arabian Gulf Road


 :  026766700


 :  l1.X@hotmail.com


 :  www.asp.com.lb

Date of Establishment

 :  01/01/2019



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List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
A ـJourney in ShamMohammed Mahir Al Shata978-9948-02-388-3n.a
Khadījah: a sea of giving & a desert of patienceSibel Arslan978-9948-02-509-2 
The role of small projectsZiyad Abu Al-Fahm978-9948-03-872-6 
Keys of Knowledge in Industrial InvestmentMahdi Said Haider Al-Azzawi978-9948-446-51-4 
Making LeadersMahdi Said Haider Al-Azzawi978-9948-22-463-1 
Negotiation EngineeringMahdi Said Haider Al-Azzawi978-9948-22-462-4 
Arabs and the Future of ChinaSamهr Kheir Ahmad978-9948-446-04-0 
Manage Your Organization's Human ResourcesMohammed Yusry Allam978-9948-03-871-9 
Management in figures Mohammed Awad978-9948-03-874-0 
van GoghAnna Obiols978-9948-10-159-8 
Little White FishGuido Van Genechten978-9948-10-160-4 
Monet Anna Obiols978-9948-10-158-1 
The Super Chef ContestGeronimo Stilton978-9948-23-297-1 
The Meaning of being Environment Friendly Rana de Oreo978-9948-09-685-6 
The Meaning of being Secured Rana de Oreo978-9948-23-477-7 
The Meaning of being Global Rana de Oreo978-9948-09-686-3 
The Meaning of being KindRana de Oreo978-9948-09-687-0 
The Meaning of being PresentRana de Oreo978-9948-09-683-2 
The Meaning of being EntrepreneurRana de Oreo978-9948-09-684-9 
A Wonderful and Flexible Brain: Extend it & Develop it John Ann Dick978-9948-09-688-7 
On a Journey Guido Van Genechten978-9948-09-557-6 
Pinocchio's DreamAn Leysen978-9948-09-570-5 
The Lock: The Guardians of the RiverPierdomenico Baccalario978-9948-09-625-2 
The Journey of a Donkey around the WorldSaida Nur Dikman978-9948-427-71-1 
Sure ….tomorrow is better Kirsten Poe - Jan Burke978-9948-02-587-0 
The Curse of the Pharaoh (Agatha, Girl of Mystery #1)Sir Steve Stevenson978-9948-02-415-6 
The Pearl of Bengal (Agatha, Girl of Mystery #2)Sir Steve Stevenson978-9948-02-419-4 
The King of Scotland's Sword (Agatha, Girl of Mystery #3)Sir Steve Stevenson978-9948-02-418-7 
The Heist at Niagara Falls (Agatha, Girl of Mystery #4)Sir Steve Stevenson978-9948-02-416-3 
The Eiffel Tower Incident (Agatha, Girl of Mystery #5)Sir Steve Stevenson978-9948-02-417-0 
Ayush Series - Where Is My God?Iman Al Khatib978-614-01-1896-6 
Ayush Series - I Don not Like the SunIman Al Khatib978-614-01-1897-3 
Ayush Series - I Do not Really Want a New BikeIman Al Khatib978-614-01-1898-0 
Ayush Series - I Do not Want to Sleep EarlyIman Al Khatib978-614-01-1899-7 
Ayush Series - I Do not Want to Clean my RoomIman Al Khatib978-614-01-1900-0 
The Small KangarooGuido Van Genechten978-9948-13-541-8 
No Ghosts Under the BedGuido Van Genechten978-9948-13-542-5 
BriliantRoddy Doyle978-9948-13-694-1 
The Astounding Broccoli Boy Frank Cottrell Boyce978-9948-446-58-3 
Everything is a Proof of God's Existence - Our planet and the seasons Hekimoğlu Ismail978-9948-18-510-9 


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