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 :  Thaqafa Publishing and Distribution


 :  Abu Dhabi


 :  026766700


 :  l1.X@hotmail.com


 :  http://thaqafa.pub/

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 :  01/01/2019


 :  Childrens books,Novels,Islamic books,e-Book,Audio

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In light of the comprehensive national uprising witnessed by the United Arab Emirates, specifically the cultural uprising, Thaqafa Publishing & Distribution LLC was established in 2008 as one of the pillars of the Emirati cultural fort. Thaqafa has set a goal to provide the best publishing services to researchers, authors and readers in UAE and the region, using the help of the finest technical and academic experts to contribute in publishing, translating and Arabizing books in various fields. Thaqafa publishes high-end books that targets different age groups, interests, scientific, and intellectual levels, addressing rising children, students, professionals and intellectuals, with keenness to publish Arabic cultural, literary, and translated publications. Thaqafa also emphasis on obtaining translation rights for children's and young adults’ books. Sales through major Arab bookstores. Sales through all Arab book exhibitions. Sales through www.asp.com.lb + biggest Arab Online bookstore www,nwf.com. Marketing using social media: twitter, Instagram + Facebook

List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
A ـJourney in ShamMohammed Mahir Al Shata978-9948-02-388-3n.a
Khadījah: a sea of giving & a desert of patienceSibel Arslan978-9948-02-509-2 
The role of small projectsZiyad Abu Al-Fahm978-9948-03-872-6 
Keys of Knowledge in Industrial InvestmentMahdi Said Haider Al-Azzawi978-9948-446-51-4 
Making LeadersMahdi Said Haider Al-Azzawi978-9948-22-463-1 
Negotiation EngineeringMahdi Said Haider Al-Azzawi978-9948-22-462-4 
Arabs and the Future of ChinaSamهr Kheir Ahmad978-9948-446-04-0 
Manage Your Organization's Human ResourcesMohammed Yusry Allam978-9948-03-871-9 
Management in figures Mohammed Awad978-9948-03-874-0 
van GoghAnna Obiols978-9948-10-159-8 
Little White FishGuido Van Genechten978-9948-10-160-4 
Monet Anna Obiols978-9948-10-158-1 
The Super Chef ContestGeronimo Stilton978-9948-23-297-1 
The Meaning of being Environment Friendly Rana de Oreo978-9948-09-685-6 
The Meaning of being Secured Rana de Oreo978-9948-23-477-7 
The Meaning of being Global Rana de Oreo978-9948-09-686-3 
The Meaning of being KindRana de Oreo978-9948-09-687-0 
The Meaning of being PresentRana de Oreo978-9948-09-683-2 
The Meaning of being EntrepreneurRana de Oreo978-9948-09-684-9 
A Wonderful and Flexible Brain: Extend it & Develop it John Ann Dick978-9948-09-688-7 
On a Journey Guido Van Genechten978-9948-09-557-6 
Pinocchio's DreamAn Leysen978-9948-09-570-5 
The Lock: The Guardians of the RiverPierdomenico Baccalario978-9948-09-625-2 
The Journey of a Donkey around the WorldSaida Nur Dikman978-9948-427-71-1 
Sure ….tomorrow is better Kirsten Poe - Jan Burke978-9948-02-587-0 
The Curse of the Pharaoh (Agatha, Girl of Mystery #1)Sir Steve Stevenson978-9948-02-415-6 
The Pearl of Bengal (Agatha, Girl of Mystery #2)Sir Steve Stevenson978-9948-02-419-4 
The King of Scotland's Sword (Agatha, Girl of Mystery #3)Sir Steve Stevenson978-9948-02-418-7 
The Heist at Niagara Falls (Agatha, Girl of Mystery #4)Sir Steve Stevenson978-9948-02-416-3 
The Eiffel Tower Incident (Agatha, Girl of Mystery #5)Sir Steve Stevenson978-9948-02-417-0 
Ayush Series - Where Is My God?Iman Al Khatib978-614-01-1896-6 
Ayush Series - I Don not Like the SunIman Al Khatib978-614-01-1897-3 
Ayush Series - I Do not Really Want a New BikeIman Al Khatib978-614-01-1898-0 
Ayush Series - I Do not Want to Sleep EarlyIman Al Khatib978-614-01-1899-7 
Ayush Series - I Do not Want to Clean my RoomIman Al Khatib978-614-01-1900-0 
The Small KangarooGuido Van Genechten978-9948-13-541-8 
No Ghosts Under the BedGuido Van Genechten978-9948-13-542-5 
BriliantRoddy Doyle978-9948-13-694-1 
The Astounding Broccoli Boy Frank Cottrell Boyce978-9948-446-58-3 
Everything is a Proof of God's Existence - Our planet and the seasons Hekimoğlu Ismail978-9948-18-510-9 


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