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 :  Ugarit Publishing LLC


 :  Sharjah


 :  +971544660381


 :  f.alhussaini@ugaritpublishing.com


 :  https://www.ugaritpublishing.com/

Date of Establishment

 :  11/05/2020


 :  Childrens books

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Ugarit Publishing is a new star in the world of educational publishing. Our mission is to stand side by side with educators around the world to deliver the best learning that inspires brighter generations. Our vision in a world full of changes and challenges is “Better Education for Better Life”. To stand out bold we pride ourselves on producing teaching resources that meet international standards within local context. Therefore, we strive to create materials that inspire learners to be creative, innovative and communicative, while we keep strong bonds with teachers as partners. We make our expertise down to earth to every educator, student or parent. We strive to make Ugarit Publishing a teacher-supporting organisation in the first place. We work with authors, teachers, editors, reviewers and consultants from various parts of the world to understand the market needs. We take teachers as partners and we consider “loyalty” and “good rapport” of highest ethical standards as added values to our brand. Therefore, we not only strive to provide the best possible materials, but also to contribute to the teachers’ professional development.

List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
English With Fun - Pupil''s Book 1Fahed Al Hussaini978-9948-34-874-02020
English With Fun - Pupil''s Book 2Fahed Al Hussaini978-9948-34-873-32020
English With Fun - Activity Book 1Fahed Al Hussaini978-9948-34-900-62020
English With Fun - Activity Book 2 978-9948-34-870-22020
Little Wings - Letter and HandwritingFahed Al Hussaini978-9948-8725-8-02020
Math With Fun - Pupil''s BookFahed Al Hussaini978-9948-8722-3-82021
Math With Fun - Activity BookFahed Al Hussaini978-9948-8722-4-52021
Science With Fun 978-9948-8722-5-22021
At The ParkFahed Al Hussaini978-9948-8725-2 -82021
I can Help 978-9948-8725-6 -62021
I can Make Bread 978-9948-8722-2-12021
I Like To Share 978-9948-8725-5 -92021
My Free Time 978-9948-8722-1-42021
My School 978-9948-8725-1 -12021
My Street 978-9948-8722-8 -32021
On The Farm 978-9948-8725-7 -32021
The Ant And The Grasshopper 978-9948-8722-7 -62021
The Fox And The Lambs 978-9948-8722-6 -92021
The Lion And The Rat 978-9948-8725-0 -42021
The Rabbit And The Tortoise 978-9948-8725-3 -52021
The Ugly Duck 978-9948-8725-4 -22021
True Friends 978-9948-8722-9 -02021
Math With Fun - WorkbookFahed Al Hussaini978-9948-8722-4-52020
Explore Science - Book AFahed Al Hussaini 978-9948-8819-1-9 2022
Explore Science - Book BFahed Al Hussaini 978-9948-8819-0-2 2022
Maleekat Oyoun Al ReemOsama Al Hussaini978-9948-8725-9-72021


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