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 :  University Book House


 :  Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates. P.O.Box:16983.


 :  00971-3- 7554845,7558229,7556911


 :  bookhous@emirates.net.ae


 :  https://www.bookhous.com

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 :  01/01/2019



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University Book House one of the leading company for books in the heart of Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates.

We are publishers, distributors, exporters and importers since 40 years.

We are one of the main book suppliers of Arabic and English books for Universities, Colleges, Libraries, Institutions and Schools.

The bookshop also has an impressive distribution network that weaves right across Emirates. Prestigious universities, technical and medical education institutions, corporate offices, colleges, schools and public libraries from all over the Emirates.

We accept any type of institutional and personnel requirement orders and we deliver at a very reasonable price in possible short period of time.

We are working with almost all the national and international publishers and thus offer wide spectrum of books to our customers.

We request for quotations and orders so that all prices and availability are checked in a speedy and accurate fashion generating a response to the customers promptly and meeting strict deadlines.

Therefore, if you need to know more about us, need to order something or want to place an order, please contact us and give us an opportunity to offer our services to you.

We would like to express our sincere desire to maintain a mutually beneficial commercial relationship.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
Learning Skills at the University Dr. Mohammed Amin& Dr.Abdul Al Aziz Faqih 2018
Effective Management of KindergartensDr. Rida Al-Mawadyih& Dr. Zayd Al Hidi 2018
Contemporary Trends in Teaching and Active LearningAbdul Qadir Al Sayid97861445203902018
Teaching and Training Persons with Mental DisabilityDr. Kamal Salim Sisalim97861445211372018
Information and Communication TechnologyProf.Jasim Mohammed Al-Tahan97861445207342018
Educational Designs and Educational TechnologyDr. Walid Khadir Al-Zind97861445207412018
Active LearningDr. Mohammed Jihad Al-Jamal97861480179022018
Fundamentals of Education (Foundations and Applications)Prof. Sobhi Hamdan Abu Jalalah97861445207272018
Education, Youth and Globalization (Social Study)Prof. Abdul Latif Abdul Hamid Al Ani97861445206282018
Introduction to Special EducationDr. Kamal Salim Sisalim97861445204202018
Effective School ManagementMohammed Talib Sayid Salayman97861445202532018
Knowledge Experience of Kindergarten Children and their Educational ApplicationsIman Abbas Al-Khafaf97861445203762018
Introduction to Research in Education Field*Translated by: Said Al Hasani97861445207102018
Science Teaching in Secondary Schools *Translated by Nader Al Sanhury97861445206972018
Development of Thinking Skills Series- Level 1Jamal Iwaida97861445200622017
Special Education programmes and Their curricula: Thoughts ,Application and DevelopmentSaid Mohammed Al-Said97861445201782017
Educational Models - Science Teaching Part 1Prof.. Raid Mahdi Razuqi97861480176742017
Educational Models - Science Teaching Part 2  Prof. Raid Mahdi Razuqi97861480176502017
Educational Models - Science TeachingPart 3  Prof. Raid Mahdi Razuqi97861480176812017
Educational Models - Science TeachingPart 4  Prof. Raid Mahdi Razuqi97861480177352017
Teaching Methods and StrategiesMohammed Mahmud Al Hilah97861480170182017
Reading Comprehension…… Skills & StrategiesSamia Mohammed Mahmud97861480003792017
Vocational Education in a Developing AgeProf. Mohammed Udih97861480005772017
Technology of Education and Information Mohammed Mahmud Alhilah97861480178272016
Philosophical Bases of EducationRania Abdul Muiz Al Jammal97861480174452016
On the History of Raising Children Throughout Different ErasRania Abdul Muiz Al Jammal97861480174762016
Educational Calendar within the Framework of the Scholastic ActivatesTranslated by Ahmad Husain Al - Shafi'i97861480001482016
Methods of Teaching TheSkills of Arabic Language and Its LiteratureAbdul Fattah Hasan Al-Bajih97861480170872016
Future of Teaching and Learning in Arab UniversitiesDr.Milad Muftah Al hrathi97861480170492016
Social Studies Curricula and the Fundamentals of Their TeachingShukri Hamid Nazzal97865899017542016
Targeted teaching (from the Objectives Based Teaching Modal to the to the Competencies Based Teaching Modal Mohammed Al-Draij97861480176292016
Internal Competency of Vocational Training Centers in OmanDr. Khamis Al Kindy97861480009042015
Vocational Training; its Nature and its CompetencyDr. Khamis Al Kindy97861480008982015
Structural Learning and Grammatical Concepts ( application models )Samia Mohammed Mahmud97861480004612015
Scientific Method for Preparing and Writing ResearchesRajab Abdul Hamid97861480005222015
Teaching Strategies "Foundations - Models - Applications"Samia Mohammed Mahmud97861480007132015
Thinking skills of contemporary Educational vision  Amal Juma Abdul Fattah97861480004162015
Thinking Skills: Contemporary Educational VisionTalib Abdullah Al - Khatib97861480005392015
Teaching and Learning Strategies (models and applications)Amal Juma Abdul Fattah97865890956372015
Planning for Education and Human DevelopmentIssam Al Din Adam97861480007752015


UAE takes pride in having a variety of libraries across the country. Browse our list of libraries in each emirate here.

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