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Publisher Name

 :  Wahat alhekayat


 :  Dubai United Arab Emirates


 :  +97143367622


 :  w.hekayat@gmail.com


 :  www.wahatalhekayat.com

Date of Establishment

 :  01/01/2019



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List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
Start and read Series (Selselat ebdaa wa aqraa) 28 bookssafaa azmy97897764970852021
The stories of the vowles Series/ Selselat huroof almad 28 /bookssafaa azmy97897764973752020
Lkul Harf Hekaya Series 28 bookssafaa azmy97899480971672017
Two words series - the most common words (selselat kalimatan- Alkalimat alshaeaa) 15 storiessafaa azmy97897764977402020
Learning And Speaking series (selselat tallam wa takallam) First group/ 5 bookssafaa azmy97899481885822017
Word in my world Series (5 books) Group 1safaa azmy97899483689842020
Word in my world Series (5 books) Group 2safaa azmy97899483689912020
Word In My WorldSeries (5 Books)Group 3safaa azmy97899483465552021
Word in my world seriessafaa azmy97899483463022021
Tones And Sounds, Mediumsafaa azmy97897764978252020
Social Skills Series, 5 Bookssafaa azmy97899483784402020
Two Best Friendssafaa azmy97899483686012020
Letters Exercises, Second Level Language Applicationssafaa azmy97897764978492021
Letters Exercises, First Level Language Applicationssafaa azmy97897764978322021
My First Book, Pre-Kindergarten Language Applicationssafaa azmy97899483959802021
The Place Of The Charactersafaa azmy97899482479822019
Huroof Wa Kalimat, Letters And Words, Mediumsafaa azmy97899483993772019
21st Century Skills Series, 8 Bookssafaa azmy97899482479512019
Selselat Solooky al jameel (My Beautiful Behavior Series): 4 bookssafaa azmy9789948157410 2017
Tariqsafaa azmy97897785135782016
Adventures Of The Ants Kingdomsafaa azmy97897785135612017
Slook Amira Seriessafaa azmy97897785135472017


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