16 members of Emirates Publishers Association showcase 145 titles at Muscat International Book Fair 2020

Posted 7 months ago in 16 members of Emirates Publishers Association showcase 145 titles at Muscat International Book Fair 2020

With 16 members of the Emirates Publishers Association (EPA) showcasing 145 titles at the 25th Muscat International Book Fair concluding on March 2, 2020, under its Manassah platform, the initiative has fulfilled its objective of strengthening the profile of EPA members and expanding their outreach by showcasing their literary creations at regional and international cultural events.


The Manassah platform, was launched by EPA in 2019 to boost the representation of EPA’s member publishers who have published 20 titles or less due to the high cost of participation at top literary events and exhibitions. The project offers greater visibility and recognition to local publishers as it provides the opportunity to take their publications to a regional and wider audience.

At the Muscat International Book Fair, EPA organised a series of meetings with publishers and intellectuals from Oman and other Arab countries to share their experiences and best practices in the publishing industry. Representatives of the association met with the director of the Book Fair and discussed strategies of cooperation between Emirati publishers and Omani publishers. It was decided that future participation would be on a larger scale and include more publishing houses.

Omani publishing houses have also been invited to participate in book fairs in the UAE to enhance the exchange of experiences and facilitate knowledge sharing between the publishing houses of the two countries. 

Also, EPA will also be organising workshops and engage in additional meetings to present Emirati success stories in the field of publishing.


EPA publishers represented on Manassah platform at the Muscat Book Fair are Dar Suad Salibi, Sadiqat Publishing and Distribution, Dar Al Andalus Publishing, Dar Lusail, Dragon for Publishing & Distribution, Dar Hamaleel, Makarem, Beacon of Science, Dar Al Ousra Media, Nour Publishing, Awraaq Publication and Distribution, Al Takhayul Media, the Titles of Rahaf Al Kous, Bibliosmia Publishing & Distribution, WOW Publishing and Teaching Aids, Al Fulk Translation & Publishing, and Yohka Anna Publishing and Distribution.


Rashid Al Kous, Executive Director, EPA, emphasised the significance of participating in regional book fairs to promote the national publishing sector and offer its members a platform to share expertise and exchange ideas with their counterparts. He noted that the Sultanate of Oman is a pioneering country in the Gulf and Arab regions and has been leading efforts to develop and upgrade its cultural industry.


“Our participation at the Muscat International Book Fair offered EPA member publishers a platform to have their literary works exposed to a wider audience, and for Omani and Arab publishers at the event, it was an opportunity to learn about the realities of the book and publishing industries in the UAE,” he said. “Our participation is also a step forward towards building effective partnerships and collaborations with various entities and cultural institutions in order to support innovation in the UAE’s publishing sector and take it to the next level.”

The Muscat International Book Fair is bringing together 24 governmental and private entities and civil society organistions and hosting 86 cultural events including 15 seminars, 11 lectures, 7 poetry evenings, 10 panel discussions, 31 workshops, and 10 cultural presentations.

Established on February 25, 2009, the Emirates Publishers Association (EPA) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to serving and developing the publishing industry in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and to advancing the role of Emirati publishers through training and mentorship programmes. EPA also aims to represent Emirati publishers at regional and international cultural events.


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