EPA’s Manassah platform represents 17 local publishers at Emirati Book Fair 2022

Posted 2 months ago in EPA’s Manassah platform represents 17 local publishers at Emirati Book Fair 2022

Emirates Publishers Association (EPA) took part in the second edition of the Emirates Book Fair (EBF), which held at the Sharjah Book Authority (SBA) headquarters in Al Zahia, Sharjah. The (EPA)’s participation in the (EBF)2022 serves the association’s main goals in keeping with its dedication to serve and represent its member publishers at key book fairs and other industry events.

Through the Manassah’s initiative, launched by (EPA) to enable Emirati publishers to get the benefit from a showcase platform and market their titles at local and international book fairs, the entity showcased 151 publications representing a diversity of genres published by 17 Emirati publishing houses and featuring 151 books in all fields. Also, the books on display reflected publishers’ experience and their role in the development of the UAE book industry.

Rashid Al Kous, Executive Director of (EPA), said: “EPA’s participation in the second edition of the (EBF) means a lot to us. It enabled Emirati authors and local publishing houses to showcase their latest titles at a book fair, that is dedicated to homegrown literary content. This plays a key role in marketing the products of local publishing houses and represents a good image of the book industry and the publishing movement in the UAE. In addition to highlighting the quality and diversity of its creative content, which meets the readers’ interest.”

“We have seen a great engagement from the fair’s visitors. They have been very keen on buying new works generated by Emirati authors, including the outputs of creative and young writers. We are always keen on ensuring that our presence at all book fairs within the UAE and beyond, through the Manassah platform, serves member publishers and outreaches their publications towards new markets. Besides, our participation communicates a cultural message that accentuates the creative trends in the UAE through books,” he added.

EPA’s member publishers who were represented on “Manassah” include: Bawabat Al Kitab Publishing and Distribution, Madar Publishing and Distribution, Sadiqat Publishing and Distribution Books, Dar Al Saif Publishing, Altafarud Design and Publishing Services, Nabd Al Qalam Publishing and Distribution, Bibliosmia Publishing and Distribution, and Ashtar Publishing.

Other members who benefited from the EPA’s initiative are Al Dhabi Publishing and Distribution, Dar Qessa Publishing and Distribution, Alsaada Publishing, Al Fulk Translation and Publishing, Sail Publishing, Dar Molhimon Publishing and Distribution, Dar Al Ramsa for Publishing Books and other Publication Services Company, Dar Kreidieh for Printing Publishing and Distribution, and Manshurat Ghaf Book Trading.


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