Opening Hanoi book fair 2017

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The Hanoitimes - On September 22, the 4th Hanoi book fair 2017 has opened at the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long in Hanoi.
Attending the opening ceremony was the Vice Secretary of Hanoi Party Committee Dao Duc Toan and Vice Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Ngo Van Qua, along with leaders of administrative agencies and thousands of readers. 

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Vice Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Ngo Van Quy said: “It is no doubt that books hold an important role in Hanoians’ life, the event promotes reading culture and appreciates books in Hanoi for generations, in recent years, Hanoi has developed more reading spaces along with encouraging citizens reading books such as: Hanoi Book street at December 19 Street, events of Spring book street, Children book fair, and Hanoi book fair on the occasion of Hanoi’s Liberation day”. 

Continuing with the success of Hanoi book fair from 2014 until present, on the occasion of the 63rd Liberation day of Hanoi (October 10, 1954 – October 10, 2017), the 4th Hanoi book fair 2014 will be held from September 22 – 26 at the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long (No. 19C Hoang Dieu Street).
In 2017, with the start-up spirit spreading among the community, the Hanoi book fair with theme “Book and Start-ups” will be an ideal place for readers, especially young people to look for their inspirational books, in which they can learn stories and experiences from the start-up process of successful businessmen. Moreover, readers will have chance to listen to practical advises from famous speakers through series of discussion events, such as: “Technological start-ups 4.0”, “Brainstorming and start-up instruments – Narrowing the gap from theory to practice”, “Woman and start-up”. The main topic of the book fair is named “Book and start-ups”, which is the focal point of the reading spaces at Thang Long Imperial Citadel, where books on knowledge and experiences during the start-up process are displayed. In addition, there are books with regard to creative products, instruction materials to approach Start-up funds.

During 5 days of the Book fair, in addition to introduce and publish books, there will be many discussion and workshops such as: Introducing the book copyright of 23 publishers from Germany, France, England and Japan – these are publishers will attend the 2017 International book fair in Frankfurt; Discussion “the World – Historical turning point”; Discussion “the Ly Dynasty” on the occasion republishing “8 kings of the Ly Dynasty” written by Hoang Quoc Hai; Discussion “Reading books together”, sharing must read books, instructing readers the right way to read books; Discussion and exchange experience about teaching children with the author of “Teaching children for self-study”; discussion “Vietnamese mom helps children learn English efficiently”. Besides, readers will have chance to meet and discuss books with member of Nha Nam Reading club through the event “Books change me”. 

Besides, some events in the sideline of the 2017 Hanoi book fair will attract readers, especially young children such as: bilingual books English – Vietnamese and interactive games with books; Study math through folklore stories, reading spaces and other activities will be maintained as previous events such as: café book, portrait drawing, playing ground for children and free wifi connection for visitors. In order to show appreciation to readers, during the events, publishers will discount books at attractive rates. 

At this event, besides 32 publishers in Vietnam occupying 155 booths, there will be some publishers from ASEAN and 26 international publishers such as Loewe, Copperath, Magellan, Verlag Fiedrich Oetinger GmBH (Germany); Glenat, Fleurus (France); Free Spirit, Familius, Beyondword (US); Crimon (England); Willey (Singapore), Kyowon (Korea), SBCR, Kadokawa, Kobunsha (Japan); ACI (Malaysia); X-ACT International (India). 



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