The Emirates Publishers Association Approves Budget and Strategy for 2018

Posted 5 years ago in News

In the presence of Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi, Founder and President of the Emirates Publishers Association (EPA), the association’s board members got together for a general assembly during EPA’s participation at Abu Dhabi Book Fair, which concludes tomorrow, May 1.

In attendance were EPA Vice President, Ali Al Shaali; Mohammed bin Dakheen, Treasurer; Ali Bin Hatem, Secretary; board member Nooh Al Hammadi and Rashid Al Kous, Executive Director, in addition to representatives from the Ministry of Community Development, Audit Bureau and member publishers of EPA.

 The action plan for 2018 was discussed and approved the board business report for the year 2017 and the previous minutes of meeting after reviewing the final accounts of the same year. The draft budget for 2018 was approved, appointed the auditor and fixed his remuneration and the board members’ proposals were examined.

Bodour Al Qasimi said: “The EPA team has presented many suggestions and ideas over the past year to open direct communication channels with stakeholders and have found solutions for the challenges facing the publishing industry in the UAE. These new achievements have enhanced the UAE’s regional and global appeal as a leading hub for publishing, and a premium destination for culture and literature.”

The EPA President has urged the Association’s member publishers to pay keen attention to enhancing mutual communication and cooperation this year, as a way of further enriching the cultural, intellectual and economic landscape of the UAE by providing authors, writers and publishers with the tools necessary to develop and grow. 

Rashid Al Kous shed light on the achievements of the EPA over the past year, including their collaboration with National Media Council, which led to the exemption of import taxes on the books brought in by EPA’s member publishers in addition to cancelling their printing permit fees. In addition to their participation at international book fairs and literary forums, the Association has enabled the representation of its member publishers at these events, held regular meetings to facilitate their growth and development and organised several activities, events and workshops for them.

Founded in 2009, the EPA is an initiative by Bodour Al Qasimi, Founder and President of EPA. It is dedicated to serving and developing the publishing sector in the UAE and to advancing the role of Emirati publishers through training and mentorship programmes. The association represents the interests of publishing industry professionals in the UAE and aims to improve the conditions of this profession and industry-related laws in coordination with concerned authorities locally and internationally.


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