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Members receive the additional benefits of an extensive range of services and opportunities to assist you with your business skills, knowledge of the industry, promotion of your books through local and international book fairs and so much more.

Have your voice heard

We make sure your voice is heard by decision-makers so that the UAE laws and regulations are as favourable to a national publishing industry as possible.

Promote your titles

The EPA will make your titles visible in the UAE market, regionally and internationally through book fairs, conferences, on the site catalogue and through local and international conferences.

Professional development

We provide professional development opportunities including workshops, online courses and access to research and statistics.

Connect to the publishing industry

The publishing industry consists of publishing houses as well as businesses that support the industry, by becoming a member with the EPA you can stay in touch with some of the largest names in publishing.

Better business and new access to markets

We provide you with key statistics on the industry through benchmark surveys that are only available to our members. The EPA also provides access to various Book Fairs stands locally and around the world at good rates. Ask how here.

Members-only directory access

Our members have access to our suppliers and members directory free of charge. Also, you have access to contact them through our site directly and network with the publishing industry's best. Members receive the additional benefits of an extensive range of services and opportunities designed to assist their businesses with skills development, supply chain solutions and discounts, functional distribution channels and local and international marketing opportunities and business networks.


UAE takes pride in having a variety of libraries across the country. Browse our list of libraries in each emirate here.

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