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 :  Abu Dhabi


 :  +97126344028


 :  alsaqa2007@gmail.com


 :  http://www.electronicvillage.org/

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 :  01/01/1998


 :  General

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An Emirati publishing house, also known as “Darat Al-Suwaidi Cultural”, based in the capital Abu Dhabi, was founded by the Emirati poet Mohammed Ahmed Khalifa Al-Suwaidi, in 1998. Al Suwaidi House deserved the Sheikh Zayed Book Prize in the Cultural Technologies and Publishing Branch in the year 2019. - She was pioneered in her uniqueness by specializing in publishing travel literature books, as she published more than 200 titles in ancient and modern travel literature, both Arab and foreign, and sought to fill a gap in the Arab library by publishing ancient travels in edited editions with extensive introductions and studies. It published texts of contemporary travels by Arab writers, as well as translations of the travels of foreign travelers and writers to the Arab world. - - It also launched an inspiring cultural initiative through the establishment of the “Arab Center for Geographical Literature” (Earthing the Horizons) Abu Dhabi - London, under the slogan: A Bridge between the East and Morocco, which issued a comprehensive “Bibliography” that included all that was accomplished in the field of travel printing, investigation, criticism and creativity, as well as Attracting research and academic competencies to carry out solid projects, as well as organizing specialized seminars annually. - Dar Al-Suwaidi also sponsors annually the "Ibn Battuta Prize" the Arab Prize for Travel Literature, which is given to the best authored, edited or translated publications and books in the field of travel narratives and criticism. The number of its prizes winners reached nearly seventy winners in the period from 2003-2021, and the award was issued more than 80 titles, and its prizes are distributed in several Arab and international capitals. - Dar Al-Suwaidi expanded its cultural cooperation department locally through the membership of the Emirates Publishers Association and Sharjah and Abu Dhabi International Book Exhibitions, and in the Arab world through cooperation with the Center for Scientific Progress and the Al-Babtain Library in Kuwait, Hamad Al-Jasser Center in Saudi Arabia, the Algerian Ministry of Culture, the Moroccan Ministry of Culture, and internationally through the Arab Institute in Paris, And the Science Museum London, the University of Kerala in India, the Goethe Institute in Germany, the Spanish Arab Cultural Center, the Catholic College of Milan - Italy, and others.

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