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 :  AlFulk Translation and Publishing Sole Proprietorship L.L.C.


 :  Sharjah


 :  +971 585809456


 :  alfulk.tp@gmail.com


 :  https://alfulktp.com

Date of Establishment

 :  01/01/2019


 :  كتب أطفال

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AlFulk Translation and Publishing Sole Proprietorship L.L.C.

An independent publishing house, launched in October 2015 - Abu Dhabi, under the trade license number CN-2037728. Owned by Dr. Alyazia Khalifa. Its specialization is to translate children and young adult literature from different languages into Arabic.
Main activities: Buy & Sell Rights, Translate, Publish, & Distribute
Genres: Toddlers, Children, Young Reader, Young Adult, and Silent Picture Books


To enrich the Arabic library with diverse cultural collections, in order to aware the readers of the intercultural communication importance.
To establish a reading habits base for children from 0-4.
To increase the level of YA books -both Fantasy and Fiction- in terms of their content and illustrations.

List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
Grandpa and the MoonStevany Lapuant97899483906572019
OscarJack & Lise97899483906192019
Autoline and the yellow catChris Redel97899480230052016
Leonardo and the tideMalvaldi, Brozoni97899481398672016
Lisa and the discovery of dinosaursContu, Skarilli97899484273772016
Milo and the secret of the Karakoram MountainsEnrico Braizi97899484275132016
The kid who discovered zeroAmido Vinilo97899484273842016
Floral furnished surfaceEngbiorg Sigorderdoter97899484273532016
About a bird Puffin named FidoBrian Belkington97899484273602016
me and the beeAlisson Jay97899480217972016
The fly that ended the warBendes Piorfinzdotr97899480218032016
When the air thinksAlyazia Khalifa97899480228002016
Bebo . tripSato Toni97899480229472016
Barracuda treasureLanos Cambus97899480254122017
Kite boyJoe Ahra97899484813862017
hamba TreeAlyazia Khalifa97899482358972017
For those who dream of flyingBerko Fianio97899482377162017
I want a fish!Olsough Bonsdoteir97899482380412017
Ah it swells!Aisha Al Badi97899482433732018
whale in air conditionerAlyazia Khalifa97899482425812018
annular! annular!Alia Al Badi97899482433662018
Let downVictoria Grondan97899482380582018
blue lionAlyazia Khalifa97899483998652018
Daddy don''t break my heartAlyazia Khalifa97899483999712018
Evening AdventurersAan Broyar97899482380342018
Anoki / 3 booksSinika - Mobomaih97899483801462018
Friends Square 1 Beautiful long neck 97899488859482022
Friends Square 2 Farewell Fish 97899488859172022
Friends Square 3 The cat needs eyeglasses 97899488859312022
Friends Square 4 a carrot cake for the rabbit 97899488859242022
Nothing at all 97899488859552022
The magic bagNadia alNajjar97899488859002022
Your Heart is a LightShaikha AlZeyara97899339159262022
I see him in ever colourAlyazia Khalifa97899483906262022
Mr ClownAyesha AlBAdi97899488859622022


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