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Publisher Name

 :  Ashtar Publishing


 :  Sharjah


 :  9716514056


 :  eng.hiba@gmail.com


 :  Www.ashtar-publishing.ae

Date of Establishment

 :  30/09/2020


 :  General,Childrens books,Novels,Poetry and heritage

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Ashtar Publishing was founded in Sharjah and became the institution that took on the task of promoting intellectual modernity and the renaissance of Arab culture.

List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
Zomoroda , The green tearHiba Moukadem978-9948-8734-022021
Waladaya aqwal oukrahKareem Maatouq97888488734192021
The Match BoxSaeed Alhanki978-9948-8734-3-32021
The story of oilKhaled Al Jaberi978-9948-8734-2-62021
I’m the one who sawSajedah Al Mousawi978-9948-8775-4-72021
Walid in the spaceHamda Al Bloushi978-9948-8734-4-02021
Foufa and ShamousaHamda AlBloushi978-9948-8734-5-72021
The story of a carpetHamda AlBlooshi978-9948-8734-6-42021
Do you know who I’mHamda AlBlooshi978-9948-8734-7-12021
Tayf in schoolHamda AlBlooshi978-9948-8734-8-82021
The journey of FoufaHamda AlBlooshi978-9948-8734-9-52021
The sheep of AliaHamda AlBlooshi978-9948-8775-0-92021
My grandma GubayshaHamda AlBlooshi978-9948-8775-1-62021
The white OryxHamda AlBlooshi978-9948-8775-2-32021
The dreams of ZoufiHamda AlBlooshi978-9948-8775-3-02021


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