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 :  Awraq Publishing & Distribution


 :  Sharjah


 :  +971509691444


 :  awraqpub@hotmail.com


 :  This member does not have a website.

Date of Establishment

 :  01/07/2010


 :  General

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In the beginning we specialized in distribution , now we focused on publishing , and we publish for children and adults for all subjects

List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
human bodymeer khan97899537664542018
the plantmeer khan97899537664612018
the animalsmeer khan97899537664232018
sun groupmeer khan97899537664162018
light and soundmeer khan97899537664472018
oum khalfanaisha al ghais97899482456122019
personalitymahmoud hussein97897790562032018
the good mannersmahmoud hussein97897790562272018
etiquette basicsmahmoud hussein97897790562102018
Explore the woldmahmoud hussein97897790562342018
the Dinosaursmeer khan97899537664302018
Aunt salama and her chickensaisha al ghais97899488748052021
corncoblayla Butti97899483574382021
Interpersonal discourse classical culturerashid bou shaer97899481662762012
mohamedomar abdulaziz97899483829282018
law applicable to cybercrimemassad al sabahi al kindi97899483814402019
liwa boysaad al fahed97899483810992019
alhayat amniaatabdullah al suri97899483812042019
in habat al ryahal hasan benona97899488748122021
asbaha le jenahanlayla hamza97899481011472021
almutsrnimonomar abdulaziz97899488748292021


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