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Dar Saif Al-Jabri for printing and publishing was established And distribution in 2014, for the purpose of production and development Works of the founder Dr. Saif bin Rashid Al Jabri and a qualitative leap in the field of Emirati publishing and global, by offering cultural products that meet The aspirations of the reader and contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and development Culture, thought and literature. In addition to building distinguished relationships with institutions International, governmental and private to meet their needs cognitive and cultural. Our organization is a member of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Establishment Maktoum for medium and small projects.

List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
Mofkratk ( your notebook for creative writing )Haya Alkasem978-9948-8633-972022
Al Hawia Al WataniaDr.Saif Rashed Al Jaberi978-9948-8818-1 -02022
Al-Sana’Dr.Saif Rashed Al Jaberi978-9948-37-592-02021
Women in Al Qur’an Al KareemDr.Saif Rashed Al Jaberi978-9948-8818-2 -72022
Waqafat AusariaDr.Saif Rashed Al Jaberi987 -9948 -38 -375 -82019
Ashab Al HemamDr.Saif Rashed Al Jaberi978 -9948 -38 -500 -42019
Marakez Ashab Al HemamDr.Saif Rashed Al Jaberi978 -9948 -35 -812 -12019
Al TanamorDr.Saif Rashed Al Jaberi978-9948-8818-4 -12022
Madrast Omahat Al MoamninDr.Saif Rashed Al Jaberi978-9948-25-931 -22021
ResalaDr.Saif Rashed Al Jaberi978 - 9948- 499 - 70 - 12020
Al HubDr.Saif Rashed Al Jaberi978-9948-8633-2-82021
The fatherDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-15-659-82019
The motherDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-15-253-82019
978-9948-38-567-7Dr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-38-567-72019
The culture of dialogue in IslamDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-38-567-72019
The courtship stage and its importanceDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-15-660-42019
Dowry for wivesDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-15-658-12019
Family stopsDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-38-375-82019
Ethics in divorceDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-49-803-22019
The coffeeDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-37-103-82019
Al aqasaDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-39-416-72019
Player morals in the stadiumsDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-38-499-12019
Water and Fire Letters - Presentation and Analysis (poetry)Dr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-34-402-52019
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Humanitarian InitiativesAhmed Hussein Alnaimi 978-9948-38-345-12019
The purposes of the names of the Quranic SurahsDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-15-254-52020
Imam Ibn Kathir''s Choices in Interpreting the Great Qur''anDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-97-815-32020
The names of the Quranic surahs, meanings and signsDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-15-659-82020
Peaceful coexistence between peoples in IslamDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-34-395-0 2020
advises the heirs to inheritDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-49-986-22020
A message to the judgeDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-49-970-1 2020
Hukm al''iithbat bialqarayinDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-45-518-92020
Nafahat ramadaniaDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-15-659-82020
Thoughts of Surah Al-QadrDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-35-813-82020
Features of UmrahDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-35-811-42020
The jurisprudence of fastingDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-34-190-12020
Reflections on the Great Battle of BadrDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-35-814-52020
Hajj and its impact on the refinement of moralsDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-34-404-92020
Bright youth of tomorrowDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri 978-9948-39-159-32020
Where did the jealousy goDr/ Saif Rashid Al-Jabri978-9948-39-159-32020
khawafi aldaadMaryam Ahmed Al Shamsi 978-9948-35-686-82020


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