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 :  Darmaheroon


 :  Dubai


 :  0508400209


 :  maheroonbook@gmail.com


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 :  01/01/2019


 :  General

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Dar Maheroon for Publishing, Distribution and. It is a cultural institution specialized in making and publishing the book according to international standards Dar Maheroon started its march at the beginning of 2019 in " DUBAI ", adopting a systematic plan to advance the reality of children's culture and literature in the Arab world, to keep pace with the global community in this regard.  Member of the Emirates Publishers Association  Member of the Arab Forum for Children's Book Publishers So far Dar Maheroon Publishing House has published many books, children's stories, and methodological books for kindergartens, teenagers, and adult books, and it is now in the process of preparing new publications. The most important feature of Dar Maheroon Publishing House is the artistic and scientific specialization of children's literature and culture, and it deals with a group of specialized academic competencies from authors and illustrators for children's books, design and artistic direction, and the purposeful and innovative content in the books issued by it. Dar Maheroon Publishing House carries out activities with government agencies, cultural institutions and the Ministry of Education, in addition to the interest in encouraging and consolidating the love of reading and knowledge for children and young people through its holding of book fairs in state schools, universities and all cultural platforms, despite its active presence in the United Arab Emirates, it has remarkable activities in several countries from all over the Arab world. Dar Maheroon participates in all Arab and international book fairs, believing in the authenticity of the book in spreading culture and advancing peoples. It is working hard to spread new treasures of knowledge to present it to the noble reader.

List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
A kangaroo loves to playnemah Abdel Aziz97899483559392020
A tortoise that loves to swimnemah Abdel Aziz97899483559912020
I am a fish that I love to divenemah Abdel Aziz97899483560592020
Zuzu loves us allnemah Abdel Aziz97899483559462020
Bedtime Stories volume 35 storiesShams Hegazy97899483559532020
The day of the examShams Hegazy97899483560112020
Let''s get to workShams Hegazy97899483560042020
Hamdan harms the animalShams Hegazy97899483559842020
Wonderful giftShams Hegazy97899483559772020
Many talkative roleShams Hegazy97899483559602020
the smart understand directlynemah Abdel Aziz 2019
Dolls live in dreamsnemah Abdel Aziz 2019
Grape treenemah Abdel Aziz 2019
Laila Wel Theeb GameAuthoring Committee7048313247542020
Al-Jasoos GameAuthoring Committee6437107445692020
Bellail GameAuthoring Committee6437107445902020
Mishnis GameAuthoring Committee6437107445522020
Balla3 Albaiza GameAuthoring Committee6437107445832020
Hanthal GameAuthoring Committee6437107445762020
The Burger GameAuthoring Committee7048313247612020
KLOAK GameAuthoring Committee93139200432572020
Feed Fuzzy GameAuthoring Committee93139200432882020
"Maoonah Wainah?! Game"Authoring Committee7048313247782020
كم اود ان يحبني اللهسهام الاندلسي2020 
النافذه المفتوحهمهند العاقوص9789641928966 
الموسوعه العلميهسعيد العتيبه9786004660839 
اقرا .اكتب.والون. الحروف العربيهسهيله محمد9789948876274 
فارس يبحث عن فارسوفاء الشامسي9786004661652 
انا ريمفاطمه انور9786004661393 
اكره لغيرى ما اكره لنفسيمحمدالمهاجر9786004662246 
english letters read and writeسهيله محمد9789948876281 
زوزو تحبنا جميعانعمه عبدالعزيز9789948355946 
سلحوف يحب السباحهنعمه عبدالعزيز9789948355991 
كنغور يحب اللعبنعمه عبدالعزيز9789948355939 
التفاحهاسماء عماره9786004662222 
هيا الي العملشمس حجازى9789948356004 
حمدان يؤذي الحيوانشمس حجازى9789948355984 
الهديه العجيبهشمس حجازى978994355977 
بدور كثيره الكلامشمس حجازى9789948355960 


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