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 :  Ibn- Al- Arabi Foundation for Research and Publishing


 :  Sharjah


 :  507164753


 :  aymanhamdy61@gmail.com


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 :  07/11/2021


 :  General,Islamic books,Poetry and heritage,Biograph

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The Foundation began its publishing activities in 2010 AD, and the name of Ibn al-Arabi was chosen in appreciation of him as one of the flags of Arab culture and Islamic mysticism. He presented the Arabic library with hundreds of books and letters, in addition to his prolific poetic contribution. The one with which he signed his books and was famous among the scholars of his time and those who followed them, although the name “Ibn Arabi” was used by the common people without a definition, especially in the later centuries, as is the case with non-Arabs, due to the lightening of the weight of the defining article. The Ibn al-Arabi Foundation seeks to present the Sufi heritage in general, and the Akbar heritage in particular, to readers in verified editions of a scientific investigation that contributes to the definition of true Sunni Sufism through direct access to the original literature that for centuries remained in the coffers of manuscripts until whoever wanted to attribute to its author whatever he did not number it. by his tongue or uttered by his tongue

List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
Kitab Al tajalliyatIbn Al Arabi978-977-5044-03-82011
Al tareqah Al akbareiyahAyman Hamdy978-977-6851-32-02021
Lawaqh el asrarIsmail bin Sudkin978-977-6851-14-62021
Al wasayaIbn Al Arabi978-977-5255-85-32020
Al najah min hujub al ishtibahIsmail bin sudkin978-977-5255-86-02020
Rasael Sadr Eldin Al QunawiSadr Eldin Al Qunawi978-977-5255-83-92020
Al ajwebah al laeqahIbn Al Arabi978-977-6851-06-12021
Al Athkar - Natayj Al Athkar -Al esm Al AthamIbn Al Arabi978-977-6851-05-42021
Natayj Al athkar fi Al muqarabein wa Al AbrarIbn Arabi978-977-6851-15-32021
Dur Al Durar -kimya Al saadah - mafateh Al ghayb -,safeer Al ElhamIbn Al Arabi978-977-6851-03-02021
Tahrir Al Bayan - Maratib Al Taqwa - Al EielamIbn Al Arabi978-977-6851-08-52021
Al Rad Al mateenAbdul Ghani Alnabulsi978-977-6851-07-82021
Manqabat Al mawlid - shamaeil Al nabi- meshkat Al AnwarIbn Al Arabi978-977-6851-04-72021
Ejaz Al bayan fi Al tarjamah an Al QuraanIbn Al Arabi978-977-6851-24-52021
Sharh Mushkil Khale Al naalainIbn Al Arabi978-977-6851-13-92021
Khams Rasael fi Al sloukIbn Arabi978-977-6851-35-12022
Al AbadelahnIbn Al Arabi978-977-6851-38-2 
Al mabade wa Al GhayatIbn Arabi978-977-6851-37-52022
Al durrah Al bayda - Al zumurudah Al khadra - Al sabjah Al sawdaIbn Arabin978-977-6851-36-882022
Kanz Al haqaeq fi kashf al daqaeqIbn Al Arabi978-977-6851-52-82022
Al tafseer Al kabeerAl Qushairi978-977-6851-49-82022
tahrir albayan-maratib altaqwa-al ElaamIbn Arabi978-977-6851-08-52021
Al rad Al mateen ala muntaquisqis Al Arif MuhyiddinAbdul Ghani Al Nabulsi978-977-6851-07-82021
manqabat almawlid - shamael alnabi - mushkat al anwarIbn Arabi978-977-6851-04-72021
Eijaz Al bayan fi al tarjamah an Al QuraanIbn Arabi978-977-6851-24-52021
sharh mushkil khalea alna''alainIbn Arabi978-977-6851-13-92021
khamas rasael fi alsloukIbn Arabi978-977-6851-35-12022
al mabadea'' wa al ghayatIbn Arabi978-977-6851-37-52022
Al AbadelahIbn Arabi978-977-6851-38-22022
al Durrah Al baydha - al zumurudah al khadra - al subjah al sawdaIbn Arabi978-977-6851-36-882022
kanz al haqaiq fi kashf al daqaeqIbn Arabi978-977-6851-52-82022
serat al hajarAyman hamdy978-977-5047-77-92019


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