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 :  Jusur Publishing FZE


 :  Sharjah


 :  524158019


 :  mamoun@jusur.co


 :  https://jusur.co

Date of Establishment

 :  12/01/2021


 :  General,Childrens books,Novels,Islamic books,e-Boo

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JUSUR Publishing is a visionary publishing house rooted in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, committed to celebrating the rich tapestry of Arabic and international literature. With a deep understanding of the cultural tones and a profound connection to the Middle East, we aspire to be a nurturing haven for both established and budding literary talents. A passionate commitment to fostering literary excellence that resonates globally serves as our guide on this journey. Our mission at JUSUR Publishing is to uncover, cultivate, and magnify the voices of the Middle East and beyond. We are dedicated to nurturing the dreams of aspiring authors, empowering them to craft masterpieces that not only enrich our literary heritage but also transcend cultural boundaries. Through our unwavering support, mentorship, and strategic guidance, we endeavor to turn every story into an enduring legacy. JUSUR Publishing envisions a world where the luminous tales of the Arabic and international literary realms harmoniously coalesce, bridging the gap between cultures and generations. We aim to be the definitive catalyst for budding authors, transforming their creative visions into luminous narratives that captivate hearts across the globe. By fostering an environment of growth, innovation, and cultural appreciation, we strive to cultivate literary works that endure the test of time.

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