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 :  Loaloa Publishing & Distribution


 :  Dubai


 :  0502422701


 :  loaloa.publishing@gmail.com


 :  https://loaloapublishing.com/

Date of Establishment

 :  05/02/2019


 :  Childrens books

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Loaloa Publishing and Distribution was established in Dubai in 2019. It aims to foster creativity and knowledge in line with the UAE’s boom in modernity, through its continuous efforts in selecting ideal content for its publications and thereby leaving behind a reputable mark in the local and regional publishing industry. Loaloa places extreme importance on Arabic books catered for children and young adults, as this an ever-growing field that has a positive impact on Arab youth. Arabic literature helps youngsters identify with their environment and increases their affinity for focus and concentration. One of Loaloa’s main goals is to raise the levels of talent, skill and culture awareness in the community and to leave an indelible mark in the field of knowledge and literature culture. We place special emphasis on discovering and nurturing young talents so that they progress in their creative endeavors. We also focus on instilling the quest for knowledge and cultivating the love of reading and immersion in literature, art and culture.

List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
Story of NumbersDr. Safaa Azmi97899483791882019
Story of ShapesDr. Safaa Azmi97899483791712019
Story of OppositesDr. Safaa Azmi97899483791642019
Story of ColorsDr. Safaa Azmi97899483791572019
Lulu''s BoxesBashayer Al Atrouzi97899482506092020
Island of ChaosSura Ghazwan97899483465792020
Mr. Spot''s Seven Colors 97899482528322021
Ammar Goes on a Super TripSalma Mohamad Al Maimani97899483681442020
A Grain of SandMr. Noon97899483568512020
Little Red Riding Hood: Story After WolfMr. Noon97899483620742020
Snowman''s Wild JourneyAisha Al Harthi97899483749542019
Found Mama at LastDuja Bin Faraj97899483640612019
Uncle MansourDr. Sajida Sabt97899483474532020
Scent of My MotherSahar Naja Mahfouz97899483469372020
FurboaNoura Al Khoori97899482556042021
Pencil Paper ScissorsFatima Al Khaggag97899483488182020
A collection of stories on ToleranceGroup of authors97899483401332020
Letters to the WarBadria Al Shamsi97899483448652020
The UAE: Land of Tolerance by Aspiring AuthorsGroup of authors97899483448652020
Various memoriesFatima Khamis978994834444 
Mishmar my grandmotherMona Habil97899488731052021
Colored Woolen YarnsNadia Al Najjar97899488731502021
A Dark RoomDr. Wafaa Al Shamsi97899488731362022
A Very Small HouseMr. Noon97899488731292022
Where Did Nour disappear?Bashayer Al-Atrouzy97899488731122022


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