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 :  Noon Publishing House


 :  PO Box 40044 Ras Al Khaimah The United Arab Emirates


 :  072335511


 :  info@dar-noon.com


 :  https://www.dar-noon.com/

Date of Establishment

 :  01/01/2019



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Noon Publishing House was established in March 2011, as an attempt to make some effort to contribute in the publishing world of the Arab countries. Aiming to publish serious work-related to the Arab community and its cultural Developments.

What We Do

Noon is working to extend its effort to publish serious cultural and literary writings, pointing its effort to include valuable publications to the Arabic library. We are looking forward to work with writers specialized in the applications of social science and its philosophical and historical approaches.

In the Arabic cultural Scene we found most of the publications are confined to a group of known writers, while young people find it difficult to communicate their ideas and writings, therefore we concluded that its importance of Noon to create a space for the work of young authors.

Noon objectives to work for a better understanding and dissemination of knowledge of other views and ideas on the international scene in all spectra, so Noon included translated work of literature writers from different countries where it could raises some contrary trend.

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