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 :  Sama publishing, production and distribution


 :  Sharjah


 :  +97165308383


 :  samappd@gmail.com


 :  https://www.samapubuae.com

Date of Establishment

 :  01/11/2014


 :  Childrens books

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Sama Foundation was establi shed in 2014 in the Emirate of Al Ain, and then moved to Sharjah. The owner Dr. Fatima Al-Breiki represent the Foundation at the Arab forum for publishers of children books. Sama Foundation cares for publishing educational, purposeful books for children and adolescents. In addition, always strives to present the Arabic language in an innovative and understandable way, Our vision is based on the slogan (With my book I see the world) Believing in the importance of books and reading in expanding the horizons, aspirations and dreams of our children. Sama Foundation focuses on publishing books and educational aids, which targets the early childhood stage, and publish everything that helps the teacher to introduce and strengthen the Arabic language to children’s, whether native speakers or not.

List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
waseem fingersDr. Fatima Al Breiki978-9948-36-874-82021
Find the heroDr.Wafa Al-Shamsi978-9948-38-798-52019
Message to my fatherDr. Fatima Al Breiki978-9948-13-670-52019
How joy growsAl-Batool Kamal978-9948-37-497-82019
"What color are my teeth "Dr. Amna Al Ali978-9948-38-063-42019
Fruit stickswdad Ali Hussein978-9948-25-539-02021
little boy and kiteDr. Fatima Al Breiki978-9948-87-872-82022
The story of fiftyDr. Fatima Al Breiki978-9948-87-875-92022
with my motherDr. Fatima Al Breiki978-9948-87-873-52022
Mrmr BlasterDr. Fatima Al Breiki978-9948-87-874-22022
homelandDr. Fatima Al Breiki978-9948-37-009-32019
Our Master nohDania Al-Qasim978-9948-36-993-62020


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