EPA and Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information strategise ways to enhance cultural cooperation between the two countries

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Representatives of the Emirates Publishers Association (EPA) and Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Culture and Information recently held a meeting in the Kingdom’s capital of Riyadh to explore ways to enhance cultural cooperation and intellectual exchange between the two nations in a way that would enrich the ongoing publishing movements in both countries.

The visit to KSA reflects EPA’s efforts to develop and consolidate the UAE’s publishing sector by opening opportunities for local professionals in the books industry to participate in literary events at the regional and international levels.

EPA’s representatives in the meeting included Executive Director, Rashid Al Kous; Marketing and Media Executive, Mariam Al Obaidli; and Executive Secretary, Mai Abdullah. Their Saudi counterparts were Dr Abdul Rahman Bin Nasser Al Assem, General Supervisor at Cultural Affairs; Mohammed Mazahib Al Otaibi, Director of the Riyadh International Book Fair; and Hussein Abbas, Head of Publishers Relations at Riyadh International Book Fair.

Charting the growth of the local publishing sector in the past two years, the delegation explained that Emirati publishing houses have increased their production and outreach significantly in both regional and global markets, in particular, the Middle East and North Africa, Europe and Latin America.
The need to launch joint cultural programmes highlighting the rich cultural fabric and heritage of the UAE and Saudi Arabia were discussed, and the need to strengthen bonds of friendship by organising events entailing a celebration and appreciation of each other’s traditions were highlighted by both parties at the meeting.

The preparations of the Emirati’s publishers towards their participation at the upcoming Riyadh International Book Fair, from March 14 to 24, were shared with the Kingdom’s representatives, where both sides stressed the importance of continued cooperation between EPA and the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information in ways that would benefit the publishing sectors in the two countries.

HE Rashid Al Kous said: “The meeting is in line with EPA’s strategy to empower our member publishers with the information and practical guidance they need to optimise their participation on important international cultural platforms. We do so by providing them access to direct channels of communication with cultural institutions around the world, particularly those involved in organising book fairs and professional programmes for publishers.”

“We sought through this meeting to serve as a link not just between Saudi and Emirati publishing houses, but give them access to maximum number of institutions related to the Saudi publishing industry. We have discussed the possibility dedicating a special exhibition area to Emirati publishing houses at the Riyadh Book Fair, to give them effective representation at one of the region’s most prominent book events,” he added.

Founded in 2009 under an initiative by Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi, the EPA has led efforts to advance the publishing industry in the UAE. The organisation is dedicated to serving and developing the publishing sector in the UAE and to advancing the role of Emirati publishers through training and mentorship programmes. EPA represents the interests of professionals in the UAE’s publishing industry by working on furthering their rights and has a remit to improve the conditions of the profession and its related laws in coordination with concerned authorities locally and internationally.


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