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At the invitation of the Emirates Publishers Association (EPA), five UAE publishers participated in the eighth edition of the Istanbul Publishing Fellowship Programme, organised by the Turkish Publishers Association in Istanbul from 6th to 8th June, 2023.

The programme was held in cooperation with the Turkish Ministry of Culture, the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, and the Anadolu Agency. The association's main objective was to facilitate the establishment of productive partnerships among the participating publishers, enabling the exchange of publishing and translation rights and contributing to the overall growth of the UAE publishing sector.

The UAE delegation of esteemed publishers participating in the programme included Ali AlShaali from Alhudhud Publishing and Distribution, Dr. Mohammed Ayesh from Dar Al Fikr Al Jadee, Sahar Naja from Kiwi Publishing, Mohammad Qindeel representing Dar Molhimon, and Noor Arab representing Noor Publishing. Together, they brought their expertise and unique perspectives, showcasing the UAE's diverse and vibrant publishing landscape.

Rashid Al Kous, Executive Director of the Emirates Publishers Association, emphasised the significance of this cultural event, which annually brings together stakeholders and industry professionals worldwide. The event serves as a platform for fostering cooperation, establishing new commercial relationships, and staying informed about the latest developments in the sector.

Al Kous underlined the association's commitment to the growth of the UAE publishing industry by strengthening ties with Turkish publishers and facilitating the exchange of translation rights between Turkish and Arabic languages.

Furthermore, the event offers valuable opportunities for the UAE's publishers to collaborate and exchange publishing and authorship rights with members of the global publishing community.

The participating publishers were grateful for the association's ongoing support in assisting the UAE's publishers to participate and engage in various international cultural platforms. They highlighted that participating in such programmes is a valuable opportunity to strengthen the presence of Arab literary publishers and broaden their impact.

Sahar Naja stated, "This workshop offered valuable insights into book production in Türkiye and other countries while also providing opportunities to establish connections with diverse publishing houses and explore new releases. We also successfully acquired translation rights for Turkish to Arabic and vice versa, including selling Arabic rights to Turkish and Serbian publishers."

AlShaali emphasised his company's consistent involvement in literary forums, festivals, and professional programmes, including the Istanbul Publishing Fellowship Programme. He underscored the significance of showcasing the UAE's products, bolstering their global literary presence, and promoting the talents of Emirati and Arab authors while simultaneously supporting local literary creativity.

AlShaali further commented, "Our participation in the programme is driven by several key objectives, including staying abreast of industry developments, embracing new publishing and marketing strategies, fostering connections with Turkish and international publishers, and capitalising on cultural and knowledge exchanges."

It is worth mentioning that Alhudhud Publishing and Distribution sealed numerous commercial agreements and partnerships during this literary gathering and the 2023 Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, where Türkiye served as the guest of honour. These agreements encompass translating a collection of AlShaali's poems into Turkish, adapting a series of novels for young readers into Arabic, and publishing a selection of books targeting early childhood readers.

These collaborations further solidify their presence in the publishing industry and pave the way for exciting opportunities and growth.


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