EPA showcases strengths of Emirati book industry at Cairo International Book Fair

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The Emirates Publishers Association (EPA) is marking its presence at the ongoing 53rd edition of the Cairo International Book Fair (CIBF) with 275 titles from 22 Emirati publishers, spanning a range of genres. Publishers are showcasing 2,415 books to businesses and visitors at EPA’s pavilion through the ‘Manassah’ platform, which offers exclusive privileges to EPA members.


The latest Arabic and international titles on display at the fair until February 6, reflect the UAE’s vibrant cultural and creative landscape and is a testament to its flourishing publishing sector.


During her visit to EPA’s pavilion at CIBF, Sheikha Bodour Al Qasimi, President of the International Publishers Association (IPA) commended the association’s efforts to support Emirati book globally and browsed the books on offer under the “Manassah” project.


Representing the Emirati book industry, the EPA delegation headed by President Ali Bin Hatem, Executive Director Rashid Al Kous, and Corporate Communication Manager Mariam Al Obaidli, met with publishers participating at CIBF to discuss the future of the publishing industry and explore ways to address ongoing challenges in book distribution at the regional and global levels.


Publishers, writers, and artists who visited EPA’s pavilion were introduced to the benefits of the ‘Manassah’ platform, which was launched in 2019 to enable new and upcoming local publishers enhance their global visibility and help them showcase their titles at prestigious book fairs around the world.


Visitors to the EPA pavilion at CIBF, including publishers and readers, gained an insight into the strengths of the diverse book industry in the UAE with the wide range of high-quality publications catering to all age groups on display, and covering a spectrum of educational, scientific, and creative fields.


The EPA delegation, led by Ali Bin Hatem, participated in meetings with board members of the Arab Publishers Association (APA)on the sidelines of the Cairo International Book Fair, and highlighted the publishing and cultural movement in the UAE, its promising prospects, and the attractive and supportive investment ecosystem for various creative industries, with a special focus on the book industry.


He also attended the election of the new board members of APA. The UAE is represented at the APA by Ali Bin Hatem, President of EPA and a member of APA, and UAE candidate Sultan Al Haatemi, Executive Director of Distribution and Logistics Services company (Tawzea) who was elected as member of APA Board of Directors.


Commenting on the presence of EPA at the Cairo International Book Fair, Rashid Al Kous, Executive Director of EPA said: “Through our presence at international book fairs, we aim to highlight the vibrant creative landscape in the UAE by presenting quality editorial content of Emirati and other UAE-based publishing houses. The exceptional cultural movement in the UAE has enhanced the capacity of and created greater opportunities for local publishers and has attracted a wide range of Emirati writers and authors cutting across generations.”


"The Cairo International Book Fair is an ideal opportunity to introduce visitors to the thriving UAE publishing sector and showcase the many benefits of the ‘Manassah’ project which facilitates EPA members’ representation at international cultural events. Our participation allows us to build bilateral relations with regional and international publishers, promote cultural interchange, and explore strategic partnership opportunities with book distributors in the Arab region,” he added.


Publishers participating at CIBF under the umbrella of the ‘Manassah’ platform includes: Nour Publishing, Awraq Publishing & Distribution, Writers House Publishing, Al Fulk Translation and Publishing, Dar Al Ousra Media, Alramsa for Publishing of Books & Other Publications Services Co, Darmaheroon, Sadiqat Publishing and Distribution, Dar Madarek for Publishing and Distribution, Souad Sleibi Publishing, Al Dhabi Publishing and Distribution, Al Qasimi Publications, The Dreamwork Collective LLC, Dar Al Saif Publishing, Makarem Publishing, Dar Al Andalus Publishing, Bawabat Al Kitab Publishing & Distribution, Al Riyada Publishing & Printing, Dar Al Marefa Bookshop, Ashtar Publishing, Dar Qessa Publishing and Distribution, and Nabdh Al Qalam Books Publishing & Distribution.


UAE takes pride in having a variety of libraries across the country. Browse our list of libraries in each emirate here.

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